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SMOK TFV8 Replacement Coils V8-T8 | V8-Q4 | V8-T10 | V8-X4

SMOK TFV8 Replacement Coils are designed for the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank. These coils can handle high wattages and feature variable resistances, meaning you can customise the way you vape. These coils take the Turbo technology that SMOK has developed, providing you with maximum flavour possible and huge vapour production.
  • Pack Size: 3 Pack
  • Coil Resistance: V8-T8 0.15 Ohm, V8-T6 0.2 Ohm, V8-Q4 0.15 Ohm, V8-T10 0.2 Ohm, V8-X4 0.15 Ohm
  • Compatible With: SMOK TFV8 Tank
  • Coil Type: Kanthal Clapton Coil
  • Cotton Type: Pure Organic Cotton
  • Coil Rating: V8-T8 0.15 Ohm (50W - 260W), V8-T6 0.2 Ohm (50W - 240W), V8-Q4 0.15 Ohm (50W - 180W), V8-T10 0.2 Ohm (50W - 300W), V8-X4 0.15 Ohm (60W - 150W)
  • Made In: China

V8-T8 Octuple Coil

  • Patented Octuple Coil Design
  • Turbo: 6.6T
  • 0.15ohm rated for 50~260W, recommended 120~180W

V8-T6 Sextuple Coil

  • Patented Sextuple Coil Design
  • Turbo: 6.0T
  • 0.2ohm rated for 50~240W, recommended 110~150W
V8-Q4 Quadruple coil
  • Patented Quadruple Coil Design
  • Turbo: 5.0T
  • 0.15ohm rated for 50-180w, recommended 90-150w

V8-T10 Deca/decuple coil

  • Patented Deca/Decuple Coil Design
  • Turbo: 10T
  • 0.2ohm rated for 50- 300w, recommended 130- 190w
V8-X4 Quadruple coil
  • Quadruple Core
  • Double-barrelled Pistol Design
  • CF Mate (Cloud&Flavour Balance Core)
  • 0.15ohm 60-150W, recommended 80-120W
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