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What's inside E-liquid

What's the e-liquid, and What is Contained in it?

If you last got into vaping a while ago now, the world of Vape-juices and shorts fill e liquids could easily confuse you. What are they made of or consist & what is contained in them? So, we've decided to uncover all the secrets of liquids for you.

What is E-Liquid?

The flavour Vape juice that you put in your vape tank is known as the liquid. Sometimes referred to as vape juice. It turns to vapor when heated with a coil, and you get this vapor through the vaping process.

What's in E-Liquid?

E-liquid consists of three primary ingredients:

Propylene Glycol (PG): It is an artificial organic mixture diluent in natural gas piping systems, usually known as PG. The liquid is tasteless, therefore neutral, and hence a good starting point to mix liquids. Thinner e-liquid consistencies of high-PG liquids produce little vapor cloud. It is frequently added to foods for its preserving and flavour-enhancing properties.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is a natural compound from several plant oils. It thickens and makes the liquid viscous, which enables the production of substantial smoke plumes. VG can be found in many foods, cosmetics, and medication formulations.

These e-liquids give them the flavors ranging from bakery, fruit, tobacco, or whatever taste your heart desires.

The Optional Ingredient: Nicotine Salt E-liquids contain nicotine, the substance that makes cigars and e-cigarettes addictive. Nicotine is a stimulant that later becomes a mild relaxant. The nicotine strength of e-liquid differs to suit varied individual needs. Nevertheless, be aware that nicotine is purely optional. We have many varieties of non-nicotine e-liquids available for people who wish to avoid including nicotine in their smoking experience.

Why the Variety of Flavors?

Although e-liquids can come in plain form, it is doubtful that mixing unflavored VG and PG for vaping will provide much satisfaction. Therefore, the market offers different e-liquid flavors. There are menthol, bakery, fruit, tobacco, and many other tastes for every taste preference. However, this fantastic range of flavors allows experienced and not-so-much vapers to choose their preferred liquids.

For that PG e-liquid variety, look at our Golden Vape, Online Vape Store. We also provide premium 10ml e-liquids and shortfills that suit the e-liquid lovers' needs for high VG mixes.

Therefore, Liquid is the source of the vaping experience, consisting of simple components with exciting flavors and thick plumes of smoke. One will never lack since it has a taste for every vaper.

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