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Pre-Filled Vape Pods

Pre-filled vape pods are a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy your vaping experience. Our pre-filled vape pods come in a range of tastes, including traditional tobacco, fruit, and dessert flavours, so you're sure to find one you like. Our inventory exclusively includes items from industry leaders including Elf Bar  and VUSE.

What is Prefilled Pod Kit?

Vape with ease and convenience with the prefilled pod kit. This kit is ideal for beginners and experienced vapers who want a simple device. You just need to insert a pod filled with e-liquid and start vaping. You can replace the pod with a new one when it runs out.

The only maintenance you need is charging the kit like your phone and having some spare pods ready. The pods are very small and portable. These kits create a small amount of vapour and allow you to inhale MTL (Mouth To Lung), which mimics smoking a cigarette. This can help you transition to vaping smoothly and comfortably.

Is Prefilled Pod Kit right for me?

Prefilled pod kits are a popular choice for vapers because they are reliable, simple and portable. But how do you know if a prefilled pod kit is right for you?

Their small size makes them easy to take with you anywhere - perfect for everyday use. But if you want a longer battery life, you might want to look at a pen vape kit. They are a bit bigger and need more maintenance, but they last longer.

The prefilled pods are very convenient, but they limit your choice of e-liquid flavours. If you want more options, you can try refillable pods. You can fill them with any e-liquid you like and they are also cheaper in the long run.

The MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping style of these kits is great for mimicking the feel of a cigarette, which can help you switch to vaping. But if you want more vapour or DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping, you might prefer sub ohm pods. They are still easy to use but they have more power. Or if you want something very simple and MTL, you can go for a disposable device.


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