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Vape Tanks

Explore our diverse assortment of vape tanks, designed to suit every type of vaper. We carry the most reputable vape mod tank brands, such as SMOK vape, Aspire, and Vaporesso, along with niche tank manufacturers like Geek Vape and Freemax. If you're a transitioning smoker or prefer a mouth-to-lung vaping experience, we offer a wide range of MTL tanks to suit your needs. For coil builders and direct-to-lung vapers, we also provide an extensive selection of sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. Discover top-quality vaping tanks from leading brands and elevate your vaping experience with our carefully curated collection.

What is a Vape Tank?

A Vape Tank holds the e-liquid and a heating element, known as a coil, that vaporizes the liquid. The tank connects to the battery through a 510 connector, a threaded piece at the bottom of the tank. This feature allows for easy swapping of parts among different brands of vape kits.

A typical vape tank comprises several parts, including the drip tip, top cap, glass cylinder, base, and coil. The drip tip is the mouthpiece and can vary in size to provide a different vaping experience. The top cap opens for filling the tank with e-liquid. The glass cylinder holds the e-liquid and sits between the top cap and base. The base typically contains the 510 connector and air vents. The coil heats the e-liquid and creates vapor.

Manufacturers offer three main types of vape tanks: regular tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. Regular tanks, including sub ohm and mouth to lung tanks, use pre-built coils that users can easily replace. RDAs, or rebuildable dripping atomizers, require users to build their own coils from wire or mesh and cotton. Users drip e-liquid directly onto the cotton. RTAs are similar to RDAs, but have a tank to hold e-liquid and do not require constant dripping.

Difference between Sub-Ohm and MTL Tanks!

MTL tanks and Sub Ohm tanks differ in the vaping technique they require. MTL tanks are suitable for ex-smokers who prefer vaping in the same way they would smoke a conventional cigarette. They draw vapor into their mouth first and then inhale it into their lungs. These tanks deliver more flavour than dense vapor. In contrast, Sub Ohm tanks are designed to produce large amounts of vapor and come with coils that have a low resistance of less than one Ohm.

Best Vape Tank in the UK? 

When it comes to the best vape tank in the UK, the answer varies depending on your needs. For beginners, there are many affordable vape tanks and starter kits designed with them in mind. These entry-level vape tanks cater to either mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping styles and provide highly-functional and basic options. Once beginners have a good grasp of the practicalities of vaping, they can upgrade their vaping equipment and try something more powerful, like an RDA or RTA.

For flavour-chasers, there are several features to look for when selecting a vape tank. Bottom-coil atomizers are known to provide great flavour, as are Sub Ohm tanks. Opting for a rebuildable atomizer is a good move when you've built up sufficient vaping experience. Cotton is a favored wicking material for boosting flavour and should always be organic to ensure it's chemical-free and safe to inhale. Storing your e-liquid in dark, cool areas can also help it retain its taste.



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