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Vape Pods

A simple device that can be used on the go and is mainly suitable for people who want to transition from smoking. Vape pods deliver MTL vaping style which satisfies pretty much as a regular cigarette. These are sleek and compact devices available in two categories; prefilled e-juice vape pods like JUUL or VUSE and refillable e-liquid pods such as SMOK & UWELL CALIBURN. 

What Are Pre-filled Pods?

A prefilled pod is filled with e-liquid. They don't need any maintenance and can be replaced with another one when finished. The most convenient kind of kit is one with prefilled pods, although it is not the most affordable choice. However, because of their simplicity, they are usually best for both newcomers to vaping and those who are transitioning.

What Are Refillable Pods?

Refillable pods give you the option to use your vape kit with your preferred e-liquid and can be customised to your tastes in terms of flavour and nicotine level. Refillable pod kits are more affordable but require maintenance. They need to be filled frequently, and the coil or the pod itself needs to be replaced.

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