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Legal Age Verification

Why Do I Need To Prove My Age?

In the UK it is illegal to sell electronic cigarettes and any vaping product that contains nicotine, (eg. patches or gum etc) or products that can be used to deliver nicotine to a person under the age of 18. So, to be able to comply with this law we are required to verify that all customers are 18 or older. 

By placing an order with Golden Vape, you are agreeing to allow us to confirm your age.

How We Verify Your Age

We verify the age of all customers through our partner 1account.

When creating an account or placing an order with Golden Vape we will ask for your full name, date of birth and billing address. You must enter this accurately as it is shown on your driving license, the electoral roll or used for a UK credit card.

By requesting a restricted product or service, you consent to allow us to share your information with, and collect information from, One Account Mobile Limited (1account). We need this consent for 1account to verify that you meet the minimum age and identity verification requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation

Your consent allows 1account to retain relevant data for the purpose of future verification. All data processed by 1account is subject to appropriate security measures. Data retained by 1account is subject to periodic review to ensure your is held safely and for no longer than necessary. You can find information about 1account and how they manage your personal data by visiting their site

The Actual Process

The first time you place an order (or order with a different email address) with Golden Vape, 1Account Age Verification will display a window at the Order confirmation page. Your details will then be automatically checked using the details that you provided during checkout. If 1Account are able verify your age at this stage then no further action will be required. 

If 1account cannot verify your age directly from this information, then you will be given the option to verify your age through the following methods: mobile phone number, credit card, electoral roll details, drivers licence or citizen card.

If 1account are still unable to verify your age then you will be able to provide your id details directly to our support team Golden Vape

You will only need to complete the age verification process on your first order.

Unfortunately, If we are unable to verify your age safely through these avenues we will be unable to complete your order.

For further information please review our privacy policy

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