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Pod Vape Kits

We offer the best Vape Pod Kits with convenient, small vaping solutions. For anyone making the switch from smoking to vaping, pod kits work effortlessly with a system of replaceable pods. You can choose between a simple closed vape pod system that uses pre-filled liquid pods and a more flexible refillable pod system that lets you pick from a wide variety of E-liquid flavours.

Mouth To Lung Or Sub-ohm?

If you're new to vaping, you'll probably be searching for a kit that looks like a cigarette. A mouth-to-lung pod kit would be your best option. A sub-ohm pod kit is a good option if you already use a kit that produces a lot of vapor and is looking for a smaller option.

Inhale or Button Activated Kits?

Pod kits are some of the most basic vape kits available; if you want something with a more natural feel, an inhale-activated pod kit is your best option; they have no fire buttons and allow you to experience a cigarette like vaping. When not in use, button-activated pod kits add an extra layer of security because they can be locked. In addition, if you're used to button-operated vape kits, the transition to a pod kit will be smoother.

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