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Vampire Vape 10ml E Liquids - Pack Of 10 - Extra Flavours

Brand: Vampire Vape
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  • Description

    Vampire Vape offers nicotine strengths from 0mg (no nicotine) to 18mg. Most people go for the highest strength however, that could be different when you have never smoked. Vampire Vape offers one of the largest selections of e-liquid flavours in the vaping world.

    Vampire Vape has become a household name within e-liquid manufacturers and is most well known for their fruity flavoured e-liquids including Heisenberg and Pinkman. Vampire Vape offers a selection of e-liquid with varying nicotine strengths from 0mg (nicotine free) to 18mg and uses both freebase and salt based nicotine depending on the flavour.

    Most new vapers tend to go for a higher nicotine strength at the beginning when making the switch to vaping, however, this could be different if you have never smoked in the past. 

    Vampire vape offers a large selection of e-liquids flavours which are available in various sizes including 10ml bottles and 50ml shortfill bottles. As well as their original range Vampire Vape has also released their Koncept range with incredible flavours on offer.

    Applelicious -  A perfect replication of sour candy apples, producing a mouth-watering flavour that will take you on a trip down memory lane

    Arctic Fruit - An e-liquid full of a fruity flavour with an ice cold menthol taste that punches through to give you a satisfying all-day taste.

    Attraction - A delicious blend of mixed berries with an ice-cool blast of menthol

    Banana - A calm and sweet banana flavoured e-liquid which tastes nearly identical to foam banana candy sweets. Plus a rich and fruity taste after your hit,  this is ideal for banana lovers craving the refreshing banana flavour. 

    Banoffee Pie - Sweet bananas mixed with silky smooth cream, buttery pastry and a dash of chewy toffee

    Berry Menthol - A fruity mix of strawberry and blackberries infused with a refreshing blast of menthol

    Blackcurrant - A deliciously sweet e-liquid bursting with the flavours of fresh, ripe blackcurrants

    Bat Juice - Bold fruit flavours of strawberry, raspberries and blackcurrants mixed with a hint of aniseed 

    Black Ice - The delicious flavours of classic liquorice sweets expertly mixed with a hint of menthol

    Blueberry - The sweet and sour tones of fresh blueberries create a vibrant blend and a delicious e-liquid

    Blood Sukka - A mouth-watering mixture of mixed berries, cherries, and red fruits. 

    Blackjack - A smooth vape, reminiscent of the childhood favourite sweet Black Jacks. One for the aniseed lovers

    Bubblegum - A strong fruity mix of flavours with a sweet twist.  This liquid is full of true bubblegum flavour with hints of strawberry and banana to give you a vape that closely resembles childhood favourites. This 10ml e-liquid is calm in the throat and very smooth to inhale which is ideal for vapers new and old.

    Caribbean Ice - A flavour packed full of juicy mango blended with refreshing coconut and mixed with an icy menthol kick. This cool exotic fruit frenzy with a long-lasting smell has been replicated perfectly with an explosion of flavour from the first inhale right through to the after taste.

    Catapult -  A classic summer berry blend of fresh dark fruits infused with an ice-cold menthol hit

    Caramel Crunch - Caramel Crunch captures the luxurious flavours of sweet caramel, blended with smooth, creamy butterscotch brittle and gooey toffee 

    Charger - A fruity fusion of mixed red fruits, juicy berries and a hint of exotic citrus. This e-liquid is also combined with a cool menthol kick and a mild aniseed flavour, which gives you a flavour your taste buds will crave.

    Cherry Tree - A sweet blend of fresh wild cherries. With a flavour that packs a punch, this e-liquid has a strong and juicy taste which has been replicated well from the popular red berry. The flavour is well balanced and full of sweet cherry flavouring inside a 10ml bottle that is discreet and easy to refill your kit whilst on the move. 

    Crushed Candy - A delicious blend of strawberry, watermelon and bubblegum, producing a deliciously sweet e-liquid 

    Cool Red Lips - Inspired by the classic, childhood favourite red lips sweets, combining the delicious flavours of red berries with a sweet candied glaze 

    Dawn - The delicious flavours of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are expertly infused, creating an explosion of fruity flavour 

    Energy - The boost you need due to the sweet blend of mixed fruits. Taste the energy drink like flavour, which give you a big boost of physical and mental performance. This sweetened fruity liquid has a smooth inhale right through to the cloudy exhale, allowing you to have an energetic vape with a familiar flavour all day.

    Heisenberg - The fruity sensations of mixed red berries topped off with a cool, refreshing menthol hit 

    Ice Menthol - A refreshingly cool minty e-liquid that's perfect for those who love a blast on menthol in their vape 

    Menthol Tobacco - A traditional tobacco flavouring with a cooling, minty menthol aftertaste. The traditional tobacco resembles the taste of the traditional cigarettes with a small menthol kick, ideal for those vapers who are making the transition from smoking to vaping.

    Parma Violets - A sweet and floral flavour reminiscent of the traditional Parma Violets sweets available in sweet shops. With e-liquid that embodies the subtle and authentic flavour of the childhood treat. With a mild throat hit on the lower strengths, this liquid is easy to vape all day and perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. 

    Pear Drops - A rich pear flavour with a sugary undertone. Perfect for those with a sweeter tooth

    Peppermint Rock - A flavourful juice based on the sticks of rock available in any beach town, that many tourists buy as souvenirs. This e-liquid is light and mildly floral, add in some sweetened menthol peppermint and it's like being by the sea. Experience the sweet candy taste right from the first inhale, through to the minty after taste.

    Pineapple - A fruity and sweet-tasting liquid, with a calm inhale and exotic after taste. Suitable for all vapers with a sweet tooth or fancy fruity vapes to vape all day. 

    Pinkman - A sweet flavour jam-packed full of a wide variety of mixed fruits 

    Pinkman on Ice - A blend of red fruits infused with an icy blast. This newly developed juice is based off one of our most popular flavours, Pinkman, now with the addition of an icy aftertaste. If you're after a sweet and fruity taste with cooling ice, this e-liquid is perfect for you. Ideal for those hot summer days!  

    Raspberry Sorbet - Deliciously sweet raspberry tones with a smooth, cool undertone of menthol

    Red Lips - It's like the pick ‚Äėn‚Äô mix sweet, Fruity and flavoursome and full of the cherry, berry flavour. The fruitiness of this e-liquid will give you a sweet vape that will take you back to being at the sweet shop.

    Rhubarb Crumble - A fruity and sweet classic dessert flavoured e-liquid. This classic British pudding e-liquid is not too overpowering, with the mellow crumble accompanying the rich fruit. The rhubarb has a fresh taste and when you mix this with the tangy syrup and a light hint of creamy biscuit, you get a vapers delight.

    Rhubarb & Custard -  A sweet shop inspired juice tasting of creamy vanilla custard and fresh tangy rhubarb, perfect for dessert lovers. Enjoy the smell of the original hard-boiled candy sweets with an intense aroma following every vape. The strong rhubarb has a sharp hit, while the warming soft custard will give an overall luxurious taste.

    Sherbet Lemon - A rich tasting sugar-coated juice that tastes just like the classic sweets from your favourite sweet shop. This zesty citrus flavour has a sharp taste with a smell that will last all day. The sherbet tones in this juice are blended with the tangy lemon to give a great all day vaping experience.

    Smooth Western V2 (Tobacco) - A classic, deliciously earthy and smooth tobacco flavoured vape juice. 

    Spearmint - A mouth-watering, refreshing e-liquid featuring fresh spearmint, infused with icy menthol. A smooth, menthol juice.  

    Strawberry - A classic sweet-tasting juice that is refreshing and smooth. This summer berry liquid tastes fresh strawberries straight from the vine, with every vape. Taste the ripe of freshly picked strawberries from the sharp inhale right through to the sweet exhale, leaving a magical aroma in its wake.

    Strawberry Milkshake - A classic sweet-tasting juice that is revitalising and smooth. This summer berry liquid tastes fresh strawberries straight from the vine, with every vape. Taste the ripe of freshly picked strawberries from the sharp inhale right through to the sweet exhale, leaving a magical aroma in its wake.

    Strawberry & Kiwi - The sweet, fresh strawberries create an explosion of flavour, tantalising the taste buds along the way 

    Sweet Lemon Pie - A rich lemon and syrup flavoured dessert juice, mixed with the taste of a fresh pastry base. The smooth lemon syrup is an intense taste which makes for full a strong citrus vape. The sweet pastry after tones is packed full of flavour which perfectly complements the zesty undertone.

    Sweet Tobacco - A rich and mature flavoured tobacco liquid with a sweet caramel undertone. 

    Tobacco 1961 - A traditional earthy tobacco e-liquid with subtle hints a nutty undertone. A mellow, smooth and especially satisfying E-liquid, ideal for the transition between cigarettes and vaping. 

    Tropical Island - delicious flavours of fresh pineapple blended with sweet ripe mango to produce a divine e-juice 

    Tropical Tsunami - The tropical mix of sweet pineapple and fresh mango is guaranteed to satisfy the senses 

    Vamp Toes - A sharp hit of ripe raspberries and fresh grapes blended together with blackcurrants

    Vanilla Tobacco - A sweet blend of classic, rich vanilla with warm creamy, sweet notes. Blended with a mellow earthy tobacco flavour to create an e-liquid you won't get enough off. This is perfect if you need help to transition from cigarettes. Vanilla Tobacco is a mellow juice that is ideal for the lovers of a lighter vape.

    Watermelon - A mild, fruity flavour that is bursting with the sweet taste of the exotic fruit. This tropical taste is refreshing from the get-go and taste like the popular summer fruit. 

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