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Are Elux Bars Illegal in the UK?

Are Elux Bars Illegal in the UK?

People are curious about whether Elux Bars are illegal in the UK due to their popularity in the disposable vape market. The concern arises from the large number of puffs these bars offer, potentially exceeding legal limits. In the UK, vape laws dictate that the sale of vapes containing over 2ml of e-liquid or 20mg/ml of nicotine is prohibited.

Are Elux Legend Bar vapes illegal?

So, are Elux Bars illegal in the UK? It depends on where you get them and what's inside. If an Elux Bar provides 3,500 puffs and contains nicotine, it's likely illegal. According to the law, a device can't offer enough puffs with just 2ml of e-liquid. Selling such vapes is against the regulations.
However, Elux Bars with a high puff count on the box could be legal if they are nicotine-free. The restrictions on e-liquid amounts apply only to devices containing nicotine. So, if a 3,500-puff Elux Bar is nicotine-free, it's legal to buy and sell.

Are Elux Bars Getting Banned in the UK?

Currently, there are no plans to ban Elux Bars or other disposable vapes in the UK. While some groups have called for a ban due to environmental concerns, the government has not taken action. So, you can continue enjoying Elux Bars without worrying about a ban in the near future.

In summary, the legality of Elux Bars in the UK depends on the nicotine content and e-liquid amount. If a bar has nicotine and exceeds 2ml of e-liquid, it's likely illegal. However, nicotine-free Elux Bars are within the legal limits. As long as there's no regulation change, you can freely enjoy Elux Bars in the UK. Just make sure to buy from reputable retailers to ensure product safety. If you have more questions, feel free to contact reliable sellers like Golden Vape UK.

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