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Advanced Vape Kits

Our advanced/sub-ohm vape kits are a fantastic upgrade to the starter kits. It is powered by a long-lasting battery and delivers great flavour with larger cloud production, which makes your vaping experience more satisfying. These kits allow you to vape according to your preferences: how and when you wish to vape. Golden vape UK stocks leading brands for advanced vape kits and recommends these for expert vapers.

What Are Advanced Vape Kits?

Advanced vape kits are more powerful and equipped with high-end features than standard vape kits. Featuring Temperature control and twin batteries that can be replaced. Airflow control and power mode are typical in most high-end vape kits. These kits allow you to fully customise your vaping experience by providing a more intense vaping experience, more vapour, and more customisation possibilities. With an advanced vape kit, you can even convert your atomizer to a rebuildable one, add your own coils, and vape in specialised modes like power or temperature control.

E-liquids For Sub-ohm Kits?

An e-liquid with at least 60% VG is advised for sub-ohm vaping. The standout option among the several options is 70% VG e-liquid, which provides both a better taste and more vapour production. You should think about the nicotine content of your e-liquid in addition to the VG/PG ratio. If you're thinking about a sub-ohm kit, chances are you already have a good notion of the strength you should use. If not, you can find more information in our Beginner's Guide to E-Liquid. It's crucial to keep in mind that because these kits produce more vapour, you'll need a nic strength that's lower than what you'd need for an MTL kit; we suggest using either 3 mg or 6 mg of e-liquid.

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