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Best Disposable Vapes

Best Disposable Vapes for 2024

If you are exploring the best disposable bars, we've dived into the realm of disposable vapes to find the top picks for 2024. We've tried and tested over 100 kits, covering one-off use pod-style vapes and disposable bars for good measure.

Disposable vapes are great for smokers looking to test the vaping waters and see if it helps them kick the habit of traditional tobacco. They're straightforward to use and budget-friendly. However, we recommend transitioning to a pod vape for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective long-term option.

Now, let's pinpoint the best disposable vape for 2024.

Elf Bar 600 (Best Selling Disposables):

Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape

Elf Bar is a leading name in disposable vape pens, and it's easy to see why. Their range boasts an extensive selection of devices and flavours.

Regarding flavours, Elf Bar seems to have it all—think of a taste (within reason), and they likely offer it. What sets them apart is the variety in battery strengths, providing more puffs per pod.

Our hands-on experience with several Elf Bar Disposable vapes made us conclude that the new Elf Bar 600 V2 is particularly impressive.

Key Features:

1. Flavour Variety: Elf Bar offers an extensive range of flavours to cater to diverse preferences.
2. Battery Options: Choose from various battery strengths options for an extended vaping experience.
3. Best Seller: The Elf Bar 600 and its new V2 Version stands out as a top pick among users.
4. Excellent Flavours: The flavours offered by Elf Bar are notably very good in the UK.

If you're looking for a disposable vape with a wide flavour selection, battery options, and overall quality, the Elf Bar 600 V2 is a strong contender.

Lost Mary QM600 (Best Elf Bar Alternative):

Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape

Lost Mary emerges as a noteworthy alternative to Elf Bar, and the connection between them becomes clear— both are made by Elf Bar. The Lost Mary ranges provide an extensive array of flavours and showcase a sleek and compact design, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Our recent reviews of the Qm600 and BM600 from Lost Mary revealed excellent performance in battery life and flavour. The Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape, in particular, introduces QUAC technology, enhancing the device's ease of disassembly and recyclability—a definite plus for the environmentally conscious.

Regardless of your Lost Mary device, you're in for a treat.

Key Features:

1. Puff Power: With up to 600 puffs, these devices deliver a satisfying vaping experience.
2. Compact Design: The BM600 boasts a sleek and compact design, making it easy to handle.
3. Recycling Bonus: The QM600 features QUAC technology, enhancing the ease of disassembly and recyclability.
4. Nicotine Salt: Enjoy a nicotine content of 20mg for a smooth vaping experience.

Choosing Lost Mary guarantees a rich flavour experience, thoughtful design elements, and environmentally friendly features, making it a solid choice for vape enthusiasts.

SKE Crystal Bar

SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape

Meet the SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape—an ultra-sleek option designed to seamlessly slide into your pocket, boasting an eye-catching sleek design. This fuss-free device operates with inhale activation technology, eliminating the need for any setup. Each Crystal Bar comes prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid, delivering approximately 600 puffs, contingent on the strength of your draw.

The e-liquid is infused with 20mg salt nicotine, ensuring a smooth throat hit and rapid satisfaction of cravings. The range offers a diverse selection of distinctive blends, with a personal favourite being the Lemon and lime flavour. This blend masterfully combines the zesty taste of Lemon with the refreshing notes of lime, creating a sharp yet subtly sweet vaping experience.

Key Features:

1. Sleek Design: The Crystal Bar boasts a sleek, pocket-friendly design with a clear aesthetic.
2. Inhale Activation: No setup is needed; this disposable vape operates with inhale activation technology.
3. Prefilled Convenience: Each Crystal Bar comes filled with 2ml of e-liquid for a hassle-free experience.
4. Salt Nicotine: The 20mg salt nicotine content ensures a smooth throat hit and quick craving satisfaction.
5. Flavour Variety: Choose from a wide array of distinctive blends, with Lemon and lime as a favourite—a delightful fusion of citrus flavours.

Riot Bar:

Riot Bar Disposable Vape

You might already know Riot Squad for their award-winning e-liquids. Now, they bring that same commitment to flavour to the Riot Bar disposables—a sleek device crafted from 100% bioplastics, available in three nicotine strengths: 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg.

Diving into the world of flavours, Riot Bar Disposable Vape offers an array of choices that left us feeling a bit spoiled for options. Opting for the sweeter side of life, we found the Cherry Fizz Riot Bar particularly enticing. This flavour combines cherry's rich and fruity essence with a surprising twist—a sweet and vibrant sherbet that adds a candy edge to the bold forest fruit. The outcome is a harmonious blend, standing out from other fruity and candy combinations you may have tried.

Key Features:

1. Award-Winning Legacy: Riot Squad, known for its award-winning e-liquids, extends its dedication to flavour with the Riot Bar disposables.

2. Bioplastic Construction: The sleek device is constructed from 100% bioplastics, emphasizing environmental consciousness.

3. Nicotine Strengths: Choose from three nicotine strengths—0mg, 10mg, and 20mg.

4. Flavour Variety: Riot Bar offers diverse flavours to cater to different preferences.

Riot Squad's commitment to flavour excellence extends to their disposables, making the Riot Bar a sleek and flavourful choice for vapers looking for an eco-friendly option with a sweet twist

Gold Bar (Vape Gold Disposable):

Gold Bar Disposable Vape

Gold Bar offers a line of incredibly straightforward disposables, perfect for on-the-go vaping with their pocket-friendly design. Say farewell to dealing with complicated buttons and menus, as Gold Bar Vape keeps it simple. No buttons, no fuss—inhale on the mouthpiece, and your device produces a discreet vapour with a cigarette-like draw. This user-friendly design makes them suitable for both beginners and seasoned vapers.

Each Gold Bar provides 600 puffs, surpassing the longevity of 20 cigarettes. Packed with 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid, these disposables deliver a lighter throat hit compared to standard freebase nicotine, satisfying cravings faster due to quicker absorption by the body. Banana Ice is highly recommended for those craving a fruity vape with a frosty touch. This blend combines the creamy taste of banana with a refreshing burst of menthol on the exhale.

Key Features:

1. Pocket-Friendly Design: Gold Bar disposables are designed for convenient on-the-go vaping.
2. Hassle-Free Operation: No buttons or complicated menus—inhale on the mouthpiece for a discreet, cigarette-like draw.
3. Long-Lasting: Each Gold Bar provides 600 puffs, outlasting 20 traditional cigarettes.
4. Salt Nicotine: Packed with 20mg salt nicotine, offering a lighter throat hit and faster craving satisfaction.

Gold Bar keeps it easy, making their disposables a reliable choice for vapers seeking simplicity, portability, and a delightful flavour experience.

SKE Amare Crystal Bar

SKE Amare Crystal Disposable Vape

If you're a fan of Crystal Bars, then the Amare Crystal One disposable vapes might pique your interest—they're also crafted by SKE and showcase many of the beloved Crystal Bar flavours that have captured vapers' hearts. The key distinction lies in the design, and if you thought the original Crystal Bars were compact, wait until you see the Amare Crystal Ones! Despite their smaller size, they're still loaded with 2ml of e-liquid and offer up to 600 puffs, contingent on the intensity of your draw.

Fueled by 20mg nic salt e-liquid, these vapes promise a remarkably smooth throat hit and rapid satisfaction, thanks to the faster absorption of salt nicotine by the body compared to standard freebase nicotine. With a robust and diverse flavour selection, picking a standout favourite is a challenge. Nevertheless, our top pick from this range is Pineapple Ice. This blend combines the tart and exotic taste of pineapple with a refreshing menthol hit, creating a calm and satisfying vaping experience.

Key Features:

1. SKE Craftsmanship: The Amare Crystal One disposables, like Crystal Bars, are manufactured by SKE, ensuring quality and flavour consistency.
2. Compact Design: Despite their smaller size, Amare Crystal Ones are packed with 2ml of e-liquid and deliver up to 600 puffs.
3. Nic Salt Advantage: With 20mg nic salt e-liquid, these vapes offer a smooth throat hit and rapid satisfaction.
4. Flavour Variety: The range boasts a strong and diverse selection of flavours to cater to different preferences.

For Crystal Bar enthusiasts seeking a compact and flavour-packed disposable vape, the Amare Crystal One is a worthy contender, offering the same great taste in a more petite package.

Lost Mary BM600:

Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape

Let's kick things off with the Lost Mary BM600 disposables. These compact vapes are a breeze—take a puff and are ready to deliver around 600 puffs each. Each device's 20mg nic salt e-liquid ensures a smoother throat hit than other disposables. Their design sets Lost Mary apart; they're smaller and feature eye-catching ombre colourways corresponding to each flavour.

With a diverse selection of fruit, drink, dessert, and menthol blends, choosing a favourite was challenging. However, if we had to pick one standout flavour, it would be Pineapple Ice. This exotic fruit blend takes the tangy taste of pineapples and cools it down with a refreshing menthol finish.

Key Features:

1. Inhale Activated: The Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape is activated with a simple inhale, requiring no buttons.
2. Puff Power: Each device delivers 600 puffs for a satisfying vaping experience.
3. Nic Salt Advantage: The 20mg nic salt e-liquid ensures a smoother throat hit.
4. Compact Design: Lost Mary stands out with a smaller size and attractive ombre colourways for each flavour.
5. Flavour Variety: A wide array of fruit, drink, dessert, and menthol blends are available.

For those seeking a compact, stylish, and flavourful disposable vape experience, the Lost Mary BM600 series, especially the Pineapple Ice flavour, is a top choice.

IVG DIsposable Bar:

IVG Disposable Vape 2400

The IVG Bar and Bar Plus earned stellar reviews during our testing, with flavours that stood out as some of the best in disposable vapes.

Then, there's the IVG 2400—a departure from your standard disposable vape. What sets it apart? Well, as the name suggests, it offers a whopping 2400 puffs. How is this legal and compliant with UK laws? IVG has ingeniously designed a vape housing four flavour cartridges and four coils. Each cartridge provides 600 puffs; based on our testing, that number holds true.

Operating the IVG 2400 is a breeze—lift the top chamber, twist to align with the arrow on the device, and you're good to go. There is a robust 1500mAh battery, slightly larger than your average vape.

While the IVG 2400 may seem pricier at first glance, it's important to note that you're essentially getting four disposables for this price.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Puff Count: The IVG 2400 delivers a whopping 2400 puffs, thanks to 4 cartridges, each offering 600 puffs.
2. Easy Operation: Lift the top chamber, twist it to match the arrow, and you're ready to enjoy.
3. Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a substantial 1500mAh battery for prolonged use.
4. Flavour Variety: Choose from 30 different flavour options to suit your preferences.
5. Cost-Effective: While it may seem expensive initially, the IVG 2400 is worth the price.


Since we mentioned the best disposable vapes in the UK that are not just everyone's favourite but simple and convenient to everyone, we recommend you selecting your favourite disposable according to your wants.

We have covered a flavourful journey with the best disposable vape brands for 2024. Elf Bar's 600 V2 leads with diverse flavours and battery options. Lost Mary offers a sleek alternative with eco-friendly features. SKE Crystal Bar impresses with a sleek design and distinctive blends. Riot Bar by Riot Squad brings an award-winning legacy, and the all-new Gold Bar keeps it simple and portable.

For Crystal Bar enthusiasts, the Amare Crystal One offers a compact alternative. Lost Mary BM600 stands out with a compact design and the standout Pineapple Ice flavour. IVG introduces a game-changer with the IVG 2400, delivering a substantial puff count. Explore these brands for unique features and user-friendly experiences in disposable vapes.

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