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Indoor Vaping in The UK

Can you Vape indoors? Is it allowed in the UK?

Are you a mindful vape user? If so, it can help maintain a clean and pleasant environment in your home. You're probably aware that smoking cigarettes can negatively affect others due to secondhand smoke, lingering smells, and surface stains. But what about vaping? This guide explores how indoor vaping can influence your surroundings, including how quickly any effects disappear and whether it leaves a lasting odour.

Is Vaping indoors allowed in the UK?

Vaping rules often resemble those for traditional smoking, but the same laws don't govern them. In 2007, the smoking ban made smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces illegal. However, this law didn't cover vaping.

This doesn't mean you can vape freely indoors, wherever you like. Organizations are free to set their own rules regarding vaping on their premises.

Are you Allowed to Vape in Pubs?

Pub owners tend to support those who don't want vaping indoors. After the 2007 smoking ban, many saw bars as healthier places for children, pregnant individuals, and people with asthma who used to feel unwelcome or unsafe in smoky environments.

Even though secondhand vapour hasn't been proven harmful, using your vape outdoors is generally considered best. However, it's implausible that a pub will ask you not to vape in their outdoor seating or a designated smoking area.

Still, it's essential to be courteous. Try to exhale upwards if you're using a big vape with high VG juice and creating large clouds, like the Uwell Crown IV. This way, your vape cloud goes into the air above you. Vape vapour is much less harmful than tobacco smoke, but it can hang around and stick to surfaces and fabrics, which might bother people sitting nearby.

Can you Vape at Work?

In 2016, Public Health England (PHE) released a guide to assist businesses in creating clear policies for vaping at workplaces. This was a response to the growing use of e-cigarettes, with the government encouraging employers to permit them on their premises.

Many companies, especially larger ones, now have their own vaping rules following this guide. To vape at work, ask your bosses about the workplace's policies and follow them.

However there are no such strict indoor policies for vaping in UK.

What Impact Does Vaping Have on the Surroundings?

There are some of the questions people in the UK usually ask related to the effects of indoor vaping on their surroundings.

Does Vaping Indoors Leave a Smell?

Some individuals might detect a faint odour after vaping indoors, but it's far less noticeable than the strong smell of traditional cigarette smoke. It doesn't last long enough to irritate your surroundings. You can minimize any lingering smell by ensuring your home has proper ventilation.

Is Wall Staining an Issue with Indoor Vaping?

Indoor vaping doesn't result in the same wall staining problems as traditional tobacco. However, vaping can leave residue, especially when e-liquids have high levels of vegetable glycerin (VG), a thick substance that sticks to surfaces. Over time, this can lead to staining.

The process is slow, but you can clean it with a damp cloth. To prevent staining, open a window for better ventilation, keeping vapour from lingering in your home. Some e-liquids with artificial colouring may also stain surfaces, so using leak-proof vape pens can help avoid spills that could stain your home or furniture.

How Long Do Vapour Particles Linger in the Air?

A study from 2018 found that vapour particles from e-cigarettes evaporate within seconds after exhaling, turning into vapour volatile organic compounds.

In contrast, traditional cigarette particles are mostly non- or semi-volatile, more stable and can take several minutes to dissipate, depending on the room's ventilation.

While e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes produce particles at a similar concentration level, e-cigarette particles return to background levels in seconds. In comparison, conventional cigarette particles take much longer, usually 30-45 minutes, and this time depends on the room's ventilation rate.


Indoor vaping rules differ from place to place, so it's wise to confirm with authorities or staff before using your vape indoors, particularly around non-smokers or young individuals.

If others are nearby, check if they're comfortable with your vaping, and be considerate, especially when someone is having a meal.

Adhering to these basic etiquette guidelines and being mindful of your surroundings, indoor vaping should go smoothly. 

Please explore our website for more information on vaping rules, etiquette, and support in your journey to becoming smoke-free.

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