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Edge E-liquid Review

Edge E-liquid Review

Introducing EDGE e-liquid, the latest sensation on the best vape store in the UK. These budget-friendly delights promise top-notch quality and flavour without burning a hole in your pocket. They've got a diverse range, from classic fruits to smooth tobaccos and icy menthols, all available in 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% strengths. Plus, it's a 50/50 mix, making it compatible with almost any vaping device. Let's dive into the delicious lineup and see which flavours reign supreme!

Top 8 Edge E-liquid Flavours:

Let's dive into our honest thoughts on each EDGE e-liquid flavour to share which ones we enjoyed the most.

1. Cherry by EDGE

Cherry Flavour by Edge E-liquid

Drumroll, please! The champion of EDGE e-liquids is Cherry! It's a simple yet irresistible flavour, nailing sweet and tangy notes of fresh cherries. A solid choice that's hard to resist – I'm hooked!

2. Forest Fruits by EDGE

Forest Fruit Flavour by Edge E-liquid

Securing the second spot is Forest Fruits – a fruity symphony that captures the essence of dark forest berries. It's tangy, fresh, and sweet, delivering a delightful vaping experience. If you're a forest fruit fan like me, this one's a winner!

3. Strawberry & Lime by EDGE

Strawberry And Lime by Edge E-liquid

Taking the bronze is Strawberry Lime, a surprising combo that's a breath of fresh air. Imagine juicy strawberries dancing with tart and citrusy limes – an unexpected pairing that works like magic. Give it a go for a tasty twist!

4. Heizen by EDGE

Heizen Flavour by Edge E-liquid


In fourth place, we have Heizen – the mysterious blend of forest fruits and icy Menthol. It's a favourite among many vapers, offering an excellent and fruity adventure. If you're into intriguing flavours, Heizen won't disappoint!

5. Blueberry by EDGE

Blueberry Flavour by Edge E-liquid

Landing in fifth place is Blueberry, a subtle and delightful fruit flavour. Picture the taste of freshly picked British blueberries – not too overpowering, just the right amount of sweetness. A berry is a good choice for a smooth vaping experience!

6. Very Menthol by EDGE

Very Menthol by Edge E-liquid

For those who crave an arctic blast, Very Menthol snags the sixth spot! As the name suggests, it's VERY Menthol. Brace yourself for a refreshing explosion of strong and minty ice menthol. Perfect for vapers who love a chilly throat hit!

7. Blackcurrant by EDGE

Blackcurrant by Edge E-liquid

In seventh place is Blackcurrant, a liquid bursting with fresh and juicy flavour. I have a personal bias against Blackcurrant, but if you're a fan, this one's for you. Embrace the blackcurrant goodness and let it tickle your taste buds!

8. Virginia Tobacco by EDGE

Viriginia Tobacco by Edge E-liquid

Next up at number eight is Virginia Tobacco – a smooth and slightly sweet tobacco flavour. It's ideal for those who prefer the roll-up experience, but it's a milder option that still packs a punch. Give it a try, and let the smoothness win you over!

Are Edge E-Liquids Compatible With All Vape Kits?

Wondering if Edge E-Liquids play well with all vape kits? Well, the good news is, thanks to their 50VG/50PG balance, these e-liquids are quite versatile and work seamlessly with various vape kits. Whether you're vaping at a low or high wattage, starting at a lower setting is recommended to prevent coil burning. You're good to go once you find that sweet spot for flavour! For a fantastic vaping experience, we suggest trying Edge e-liquids with the Edge Pro MTL kit. It's an excellent choice for beginners to get acquainted with the e-liquid, and even advanced vapers can enjoy it as a handy backup or compact option.


Now, here's the verdict: Keep in mind that this isn't a one-size-fits-all list. Vaping preferences are subjective, and everyone has their go-to e-liquids. What stands out with Edge is the diverse range they offer. Whether you lean towards traditional flavours like menthol from your smoking days or prefer fruity blends like Strawberry and Lime, Edge has you covered. Join the conversation on our social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share your thoughts on your favourite e-liquid with fellow vapers. Let's keep the discussion flowing!

And there you have it – the fantastic world of EDGE e-liquids! Priced at £2.46 per bottle and with the multibuy offer of Buy 5 Get 5 Free, these flavours are ready to spice up your vaping journey. Click the button below to explore EDGE liquid for yourself – your taste buds will thank you! Happy vaping!

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