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How Many Calories Are in a Vape?

How Many Calories are In a Vape?

Curiosity piqued about the calories in your vape? Let's unravel the mystery. Although vaping doesn't equate to eating, the ingredients in vape juice, especially vegetable glycerin (VG), contain calories. So, do these calories have any impact when you inhale the vapour from your e-cig? Science hasn't handed us a conclusive answer yet, but we can estimate the calories based on available info.

Calculating Vape Calories: A Simple Breakdown

1 puff = 0.05 calories
1 ml = 5 calories

So, for instance, if your vape device offers 600 puffs, like our Elf Bar vape pods, it might pack around 30 calories. And if your device holds 10 ml of e-liquid, you're looking at approximately 50 calories for the whole setup.

Absorbing Calories through Vapour: The Unknown Territory

Scientists are still figuring out if the body absorbs calories through the lungs while vaping. There's a possibility that vaping might not contribute to your caloric intake.

Vape Juice Caloric Content: A Rough Estimate

Some estimates suggest that vape juice contains about five calories per 1 ml of e-liquid. If accurate, a 30 ml bottle of your favourite Vaper Empire vape juice might hover around 150 calories. Even if you can absorb calories from vaping, the slow consumption rate of e-liquid makes it challenging to impact your caloric intake significantly.

In Context: Vape Juice Calories vs. Other Beverages

Comparatively, a 30 ml bottle of vape liquid holds a calorie count similar to a soda can. Yet, unlike soda, vapers take longer to finish a bottle. With about 100 puffs per ml and five calories per ml, a single puff might just contain a tiny 0.05 calories.

So, enjoy your dessert-flavoured e-liquids guilt-free; the calories in your vape are likely just a puff-sized drop in the caloric ocean.

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