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How to Recharge an Elf Bar

How to Recharge an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is a famous brand of disposable vapes available in various models, shapes, and sizes. While some Elf Bar models are rechargeable, others are not. This guide will help you understand how to charge your rechargeable Elf Bar and identify which models are rechargeable.

The Ultimate Guide to the Rechargeable Elf Bar

Charging your rechargeable Elf Bar is simple:

  1. Connect a USB-C Cable: Locate the charge port, typically at the bottom of your Elf Bar, and connect a USB-C cable to it.
  2. Connect to Power: Plug the other end of the USB-C cable into a suitable USB power outlet, such as a mobile phone charger.
  3. Charging Indicator: A light will glow while the Elf Bar is charging. Once fully charged, the light will turn off.
  4. Pass-Thru Charging: Most rechargeable Elf Bars support pass-thru charging, allowing you to use the device while it charges.

Which Elf Bar Vapes Are Rechargeable?

Elf Bar offers a range of products, with only a few being rechargeable. Here are the lists of rechargeable and non-rechargeable Elf Bar vapes, along with their battery capacities:

Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes:

  • Elf Bar Elfa Pod: 500 mAh
  • Elf Bar Mate 500: 500 mAh

Non-Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes:

  • MC600: 550 mAh
  • T600: 500 mAh
  • Elf Bar 600: 550 mAh
  • NC600: 400 mAh
  • Cigalike: 280 mAh

Most Elf Bar products are non-rechargeable, resulting in significant plastic and lithium waste.

Introducing Puff Box: The Puff Box is the original rechargeable disposable vape, costing around 50% less than Elf Bars when comparing price per puff. Its 650 mAh battery offers 30% more capacity than the Elfa or Mate 500. The Puff Box uses easy-to-use twist-in refills, reducing disposable vape waste.

Are All Elf Bar Vapes Rechargeable?

No, not all Elf Bar products are rechargeable. The rechargeable models are newer additions and many older models still need to be updated with rechargeable batteries. Always check product specifications before purchasing.

Charging Times for Elf Bar Models

How to Recharge an Elf Bar

Charging times vary by model. A 500 mAh Elf Bar typically takes 30-90 minutes to charge fully. The actual time when you start charging depends on the battery level. When your Elf Bar's indicator light blinks, it needs charging. The device will also stop producing vapour when it requires a charge.

Cost Comparison: Elf Bar vs. Puff Box

Switching to the Puff Box can save you money. The Puff Box offers a lower cost per puff compared to Elf Bars. Here's a quick comparison:

  • Elf Bars: Around 80p per 100 puffs
  • Puff Box: Approximately 43p per 100 puffs

With a 650 mAh battery, a compact design, and six flavours, the Puff Box is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

Rechargeable Elf Bar FAQs

How long does a rechargeable Elf Bar last?

  • A general rule is that a rechargeable vape lasts about as many puffs as its battery mAh. For instance, a 650 mAh battery should provide around 650 puffs, but this can vary depending on your vaping habits.

How much is a rechargeable Elf Bar?

  • Prices vary by model. A 600-puff device costs around £7.95, and a refill pod is about £5.95. The Puff Box offers significant savings, reducing your disposable vaping costs by up to 50%.

Can you use an Elf Bar while it's charging?

  • Yes, most rechargeable Elf Bars support pass-thru charging, allowing you to use the device while it charges.

How do you know when your Elf Bar is fully charged?

  • The charging indicator light will turn off once the Elf Bar is fully charged.

What should I do if my Elf Bar isn't charging?

  • Ensure that the USB-C cable and power outlet are working correctly. Check for any debris in the charge port and ensure it's securely connected. If it still doesn't charge, the device may be defective.

Can you overcharge an Elf Bar?

  • To avoid potential battery issues, it's generally not recommended to leave your Elf Bar charging for extended periods once fully charged, although most modern devices have protections against overcharging.

How many times can you recharge an Elf Bar?

  • The number of recharge cycles varies by model and usage, but a rechargeable Elf Bar can typically be recharged several times before the battery efficiency diminishes.

Are there different flavours available for rechargeable Elf Bars?

  • Yes, rechargeable Elf Bars come with various pod flavours. Check the specific product line for available options.

Switch to the Puff Box to save money and reduce waste. It's a win-win for you and the planet!


Understanding which Elf Bar models are rechargeable and how to charge them can enhance your vaping experience. Rechargeable options like the Elf Bar Elfa Pod and Mate 500 offer convenience and sustainability. For a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative, consider the Puff Box, which features a larger battery and lower cost per puff. Making informed choices about your vaping products can save money and reduce environmental impact. Switch to rechargeable options or the Puff Box for a better, greener vaping experience.

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