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IVG 6000 Salts Review

IVG 6000 Salts Review: A Flavourful Journey Through Fruity Bliss

IVG 6000 marks the latest venture by vaping powerhouse "I Vape Great" (IVG). Established by the Bawa family in 2014, IVG has grown into a global vaping giant renowned for its premium e-liquids. The IVG 6000 range, comprising ten tantalizing fruity flavours, aims to replicate the success of its disposable counterparts.

What to Expect:

The IVG 6000 nic salts range offers a symphony of mouth-watering flavours, including Arctic Apple, Raspberry Peach Bliss, and Cherry Chew, to name a few. These e-liquids come in recyclable 10ml bottles, boasting a 50/50 VG/PG mix and nicotine salt strengths of 10mg or 20mg. Designed for refillable pod kits or mouth-to-lung tanks, they promise a satisfying vaping experience with less throat hit.

IVG 6000 Flavours Breakdown:

A Closer Look To the amazing flavours of IVG 6000 Nic Salts.

Arctic Apple:

Arctic Apple

A refreshing Red Apple flavour with a subtle cooling finish. While the cooling note could be stronger, the authentic Apple taste makes it a delightful vape.

Raspberry Peach Bliss:

Raspberry Peach Bliss

An absolute delight with authentic Peach flavour and a perfect blend of Raspberry sweetness. A vape that disappears quickly due to its irresistible taste.

Strawberry Raspberry Crush:

Strawberry Raspberry Crush

A simple yet satisfying blend of Strawberry and Raspberry, capturing the essence of summer fruits. Perfect for an all-day vape.

Sourberry Fusion:

Sourberry Fusion

A harmonious mix of Blueberry and Raspberry with a hint of sourness. While not overly sour, it delivers a smooth and authentic fruity flavour.

Pink Pop:

Pink Pop

A classic Pink Lemonade flavour with tangy Grapefruit and zesty Lemonade notes. Though not groundbreaking, it's well-executed and offers a refreshing twist.

Lemon Peach Crush:

Lemon Peach Crush

A vibrant fusion of Lemon, Peach, and Passionfruit, delivering a refreshing vaping experience with a sherbet-like aftertaste. Each flavour shines through beautifully.

Cherry Chew:

Cherry Chew

Bold Cherry flavour with a subtle fizzy twist, offering a smooth and moreish vape experience. A delightful blend for Cherry enthusiasts.

Bubblegum Berry Wave:

Bubblegum Berry Wave

A sweet combination of Strawberry, Watermelon, and Bubblegum, delivering bold flavours with a smooth finish. While not for everyone, it's well-crafted and authentic.

Blue Frost:

Blue Frost

A nostalgic Blue Slushie flavour with tooth-coating sweetness and a cooling exhale. While a bit too sweet for some, it's a decent rendition of the classic flavour.

Berrylicious Blast:

Berrylicious Blast

A bold mix of Blueberry, Cherry, and Cranberry, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. A flavourful blend that keeps you hooked.

Final Thoughts: IVG 6000 Series Review

The IVG 6000 range delivers on its promise of great vaping experiences. With clean and authentic flavours, these e-liquids are sure to satisfy fruit enthusiasts. Priced at £3.65 for a 10ml bottle or any 5 for £10.95, they offer excellent value for money. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out, IVG 6000 e-liquids are worth a try for a flavorful journey through fruity bliss.

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