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Nasty Liq Salts Review

Nasty Liq Nic Salt E-liquid Review

Hey, vape buddies! Just got my hands on the Nasty Liq Nic Salt e-liquid lineup, and we're diving in for a quick review. Let's see if these juices live up to the hype or if they're just another disposable wannabe.

What to Expect from Nasty Liq Nic Salt E-Liquid?

The Nasty Liq Nic Salt range boasts a whopping 16 flavours, packed in 10ml bottles with 10mg or 20mg Nicotine Salt strengths. I got my hands on all 16 flavours in 10mg strength. Here's the squad:

  1. Cherry Ice
  2. Rainbow Candy
  3. Peach Ice
  4. Pink Lemonade
  5. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  6. Lemon Lime
  7. Mango Peach Apple
  8. Gummy Bear
  9. Strawberry Raspberry
  10. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  11. Mineral Water
  12. Watermelon Ice
  13. Blue Raspberry
  14. Fizzy Cherry
  15. Berry Bull
  16. Tobacco Menthol

The e-liquid mix ratio is 50%PG / 50%VG, perfect for low-power pens, pods, and starter kits. Just a heads up, don't throw these in your high-power kits – you might end up with leaks and spitting issues. I'll be rocking these with my OXVA Xlim Pro kit, giving each flavour its own V2 0.8ohm pod.

What's in the Packaging?

Let's talk about how these e-liquids come dressed to impress! Each flavour shows up in a cool box with a neat design – and get this: the bottle on the front goes beyond the box for that extra touch of coolness. And hey, watch out for fakes – there's a QR code on the sticker seal. Peel off the silver part to find a code and make sure it's the real deal. Pro tip: Peel where the arrow shows, not the whole thing like I did (rookie move!).

The design is bright, clear, and not too cartoony. Right on the front, you've got the flavour, bottle size, nicotine strength, and warnings. Each flavour seems to have a different number on the box – maybe for future UK regulations? You'll find contact details, ingredients, warnings, PG/VG ratio, and storage advice on the box, too.

Inside the box, the e-liquid bottle is wrapped up in a plastic wrapper – a bit more plastic waste, but it keeps things fresh. There's a short instruction booklet for all the safety info and generic pod-refilling diagrams. The bottle label repeats all the box info, just in tiny text. Bonus points for precise batch numbers and expiry dates on both box and bottle.

Top 10 Nasty Liq Salt Flavours Reviewed—Let the Tasting Begin!

Alright, let's dive into the top 10 flavours showdown! I'll keep it short and sweet, just like your favourite vape hit.

Rainbow Candy:

Nasty Liq Rainbow Candy

Nasty says: "Discover the magic of a sweet and sour medley that awakens your taste buds."

I say: Haribo in a vape! Fruity, sour, and an excellent cooling touch. It's like stuffing your face with a bunch of different sweets at once. A sweet tooth's dream.

Peach Ice:

Nasty Liq Peach Ice

Nasty says: "Enjoy a cool, aromatic vape experience with succulent, sweet Peaches and icy Mint."

I say: Checks all the boxes – icy blast, sweet Peach goodness. Like peach syrup but colder than a breath in the snow. Super refreshing and a winner in my book!

Lemon Lime:

Nasty Liq Lemon Lime

Nasty says: "Escape to the tropics with a hop in your step with this mesmerizing Lemon-Lime blend."

I say: Sweet as a sugar rush! The cold hit leads to a sweet Lemon-Lime dance. It's a sugar bomb, so if you like it sweet, this is your jam. I give it 9/10 for the sweet tooth, deducting a bit for those wanting tart.

Mango Peach Pineapple:

Nasty Liq Mango Peach Pineapple

Nasty says: "Rejuvenating blend of creamy Mango, sweet Peaches, and tangy Pineapple."

I say: Urgh – disclaimer: I hate Mango vapes! Earthy Mango, dry Pineapple, a tinge of Peach – not my cup of tea. If you're a Mango fan, this might be your jam. It scored decently for matching the description, but it is not my fave.

Strawberry Raspberry:

Nasty Liq Strawberry Raspberry

Nasty says: "Fresh Strawberry flavour enhanced by the unique tartness of Raspberries."

I say: Less sweet than expected with a giant ice hit. Rich, tart, dark berry vibe – almost Red Wine but fruitier. Strawberry's a bit synthetic, Raspberry's tangy, but it sits in an artificial limbo. It's not my favourite berry blend.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:

Nasty Liq Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Nasty says: "Mouthwatering combination of sweet Blueberry and sour Raspberries."

I say: Jackpot! Perfect blend of sour and sweet, refreshing but not lung-freezer-level cold. Tangy inhale, sweet exhale – hits all the right notes. Absolutely epic!

Mineral Water:

Nasty Liq Mineral Water

Nasty says: "Experience the pure and refreshing feel of drinking straight from a natural Spring."

I say: Hold up – is this supposed to be a ban-proof flavour? It's cool, a bit soapy, with a Watermelon hint. That is not what I expected from "Mineral Water." Needs a name change, but it's not bad.

Watermelon Ice:

Nasty Liq Watermelon Ice

Nasty says: "A cool and revitalizing explosion of frozen Watermelon sweetness."

I say: I'm not a Watermelon fan, but this one's firm – starts dry, turns syrupy. If you dig Watermelon and sweetness, you're in for a treat.

Blue Raspberry:

Nasty Liq Blue Raspberry

Nasty says: "Sweet and tart flavours blend harmoniously in these juicy Blue Raspberries."

I say: Absolute beauty! Tart inhale, syrupy sweetness on exhale. Mellow cooling, sweet aftertaste, and enough tang to keep everyone happy. Masterpiece!

Tobacco Menthol:

Nasty Liq Tobacco Menthol

Nasty says: "Cool, menthol layered in premium tobacco to ease that nostalgia for menthol ciggies."

I say: Dreading this one! Chemical tobacco on the inhale – not a fan. Sweet menthol, no Eucalyptus. Needs more cooling and a better tobacco flavour. It is average but needs some work.

Nasty Liq Nic Salt E-liquid Final Verdict: Conclusion

Nasty Liq is on a mission to bring disposable-like vibes with candy-style flavours. It's a hit-and-miss journey – some flavours are absolute bangers, and others fall short. The ice factor can be intense, so if you're not a fan of chilly vibes, beware. Tone down the ice a bit. It's Nasty – my taste buds are shivering! If you're after fresh fruit flavours, this might not be your cup of tea. Let me know your Nasty Liq thoughts in the comments! Vape on, friends! 

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