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Nasty Salt Review

Nasty Salt E-liquid Review

Greetings, vaping enthusiasts! Today, we're plunging into the realm of Nasty Salt e-liquids to uncover whether they reign supreme in the world of fruity delights or if they'll leave us with a tangy surprise.

Exploring the Nasty Salt E-Liquid Collection

Being a fan of mouth-to-lung experiences, I'm all about that perfect 50/50 vape juice balance – less coil mess and more flavour excitement. Imagine my excitement when Nasty Juice sent over their delightful eight fruity concoctions in those adorable 10ml bottles, each packed with 10mg of Nic Salt.

1. Nasty Salt Bad Blood – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Bad Blood

Nasty Juice Says: A blackcurrant and mint masterpiece.

I Say: Smells like blackcurrant cordial, but wait – strawberry on the inhale? Missing the mint promised, but it's fruity and grows on you. Could use more mint for that cool factor!

2. Nasty Salt Cush Man – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Cush Man

Nasty Juice Says: Mango madness in three layers.

I Say: Mango fiesta! It smells like a freshly cut mango and tastes like a juicy slice. The exhale? Chewing on those mango bits stuck in your teeth. Mango lovers, rejoice!

3. Nasty Salt Fat Boy – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Fat Boy

Nasty Juice Says: Sweet green mango delight.

I Say: Mango again, but this time, a tad subdued. Googled "green mango", and surprise, it's an under-ripe mango. It is a bit tart, with a lot of mango and a noticeable bite. Smooth but packs a punch!

4. Nasty Salt Green Ape – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Green Ape

Nasty Juice Says: Sweet and sour green apple adventure.

I Say: Smells like candy sour apple – not your usual apple orchard aroma. Vaping is a pleasant surprise – a juicy, sweet apple with a hint of tartness. Applelicious!

5. Nasty Salt Hippie Trail – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Hippie Trail

Nasty Juice Says: A citrus rollercoaster with lemon and lime.

I Say: Lemon dominates the smell – more sherbet than freshly squeezed. Tangy and fresh on the inhale, lime kick on the exhale. A zesty delight that tastes like real lime!

6. Nasty Salt Slow Blow – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Slow Blow

Nasty Juice Says: Pineapple and lime soda magic.

I Say: Smells like a Piña Colada party! Lime soda steals the inhale show, but pineapple swoops in on the exhale, saving the day. A fizzy, refreshing cocktail experience.

7. Nasty Salt ASAP Grape – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt ASAP Grape

Nasty Juice Says: Black grape and mixed berries sensation.

I Say: Grape overload? Surprisingly not! Sweet purple grapes with a hint of red berries. It's sweet but not sickly. Grape skeptics, give it a shot!

8. Nasty Salt Wicked Haze – 50/50 VG PG

Nasty Salt Wicked Haze

Nasty Juice Says: Blackcurrants meet freshly squeezed lemonade.

I Say: Not as blackcurrant-heavy as Bad Blood. Refreshing inhale of blackcurrant, and lemonade on the exhale to cleanse the palate. A subtle, everyday vape.

Final Verdict:

These Nasty Salt e-liquids nailed the fruit game! Smooth like silk due to the nicotine salts; even at 10mg, no harsh throat hits. Except for Fat Boy – it's got some sass! Cush Man stole my mango-loving heart, but Golden Vape surprised me with its subtlety. Nasty Juice, you've got some tasty tricks up your sleeves! Vape on, fellow flavour chasers!

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