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OXVA Artio Pod Kit Review

OXVA Artio Pod Kit Review

Discovering the unassuming yet powerful OXVA Artio Pod Kit was a revelation. As I delved into its features, it became evident why TECC chose to stock this device—entering the ring as a formidable competitor to disposable vapes, earning its place as an actual "Disposables Killer."

Unboxing the Artio Kit: A Value-Packed Experience:

At a mere £12.99, the Artio kit offers a treasure trove, including the device, two versatile pods (0.8ohm and 1.2ohm), a charging cable, and a generous 10ml e-liquid bottle. The unexpected addition of a lanyard sweetens the deal, making the Artio kit a substantial saving compared to disposables.

Design and Features: Aesthetic Appeal Meets Functionality:

Sleek and compact at 110.6mm x 16.5mm and a feather-light 31g, Artio's Carbon Fibre version adds an engaging optical effect. The 550mAh battery charges swiftly in about 30 minutes through a convenient USB-C port. While the single LED provides fundamental status indicators, a more detailed battery display would enhance the overall experience.

The Innovative Pod System:

The Artio's magnetic-fit pod system is user-friendly, offering two distinct pod options—1.2ohm for MTL enthusiasts and a potent 0.8ohm for those craving extra flavour and a robust hit. A filling is a breeze, thanks to a mess-free design, and the smoked plastic provides clear e-liquid visibility. A minor note: New pods necessitate 5-7 minutes to saturate the coil for optimal performance.

Performance Beyond Expectations:

OXVA's coil expertise shines through in the Artio, delivering unparalleled flavour with a smooth MTL draw. Competing favorably with disposables, the device combines the convenience of refillable pods with a rechargeable battery. While a brief wait for a new pod may be required, Artio's performance quickly outweighs this minor inconvenience.

User Experience: A Pleasure for All:

The Artio caters to both seasoned vapers and those on the journey to quit smoking. Its petite size, lightweight, and reasonable battery life make it an ideal companion for daily use. The added lanyard enhances portability, making it a versatile choice for various lifestyles.

Conclusion: OXVA Artio—More Than a Pod Kit:

OXVA positions Artio as a genuine rival to disposables, excelling in flavour and convenience. It stands out as an excellent choice for seasoned vapers and individuals transitioning from smoking. The kit's affordability, sleek design, and stellar performance make it a compelling contender in the ever-evolving pod system market.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Exceptional flavour
  • Affordable and great value
  • Sleek design
  • Full e-liquid visibility
  • Versatile MTL options
  • Effective disposables alternative


  • Single-status LED

   A more detailed battery indicator would be beneficial, but users can estimate a whole pod per charge.

Final Thoughts: A Wise Investment for Vapers:

TECC's decision to stock the OXVA Artio is well-justified, especially in the context of the disposable market. Opting for the Artio over disposables is a no-brainer; having a spare ensures uninterrupted vaping pleasure. Consider doubling the delight—grab two kits for an abundance of pods and a fully charged backup battery.

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