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Oxva Xlim Pro Review

OXVA XLIM Pro Review - An Improved Version of Oxva

The newly released OXVA Xlim Pro marks a significant upgrade from its predecessors in the Xlim series. Boasting adjustable wattage displayed on an enhanced RGB OLED screen, a larger battery capacity, adjustable airflow, and innovative top-filling pods with built-in mesh coils for intensified flavour, this vape promises an exciting vaping experience.

The anticipation to try the Xlim Pro Pod was because of the positive experience with the Oxva Xlim SE, which utilizes the same Xlim pods. The device's reliability, simplicity, and exceptional flavour left a lasting impression on me.

The Xlim Pro Vape Kit  takes things further by incorporating a substantial 1000mAh battery, providing extended vaping sessions. Adding an attachable fabric lanyard enhances portability, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

Without giving too much away, the Xlim Pro has the potential to be the best vape I've ever used. Let's delve into my detailed impressions to explore its features and performance.

What's New with the OXVA Xlim Pro:

  1. Improved Pods: The 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, and 1.2ohm pods now feature a convenient top-fill port, addressing previous issues with fill port covers breaking and leaking.
  2. Compatibility: The Xlim Pro is still compatible with V2 pods, adding flexibility for users with existing Xlim Kit devices.
  3. Higher Output: The device now reaches a max output of 30W, with adjustable settings displayed on a small OLED screen.
  4. RGB Light: A stylish RGB light under the screen adds flair to the device.
  5. Enhanced Battery: The battery capacity is upgraded to 1000mAh, supporting a 2A charge rate through the USB Type C port.
  6. Variety of Colours: The Xlim Pro comes in eight colours, allowing users to choose their preferred style.

Design and Appearance of XLIM Pro Vape Kit:

The Xlim Pro offers a no-nonsense design with a focus on durability. The button functions and airflow control are easily accessible. The top-fill feature and carbon fiber finish add practicality and style. While button placement may be different, user reviews highlight its resilience against accidental drops. Overall, the Xlim Pro stands out for its simplicity, durability, and user-friendly features.

OXVA XLIM Pro Vape Kit

The Xlim Pro is a sleek and durable pod vape crafted from strong zinc alloy. It has a tall and slim design with curved edges, enclosed in a robust metallic frame.

OXVA Xlim Pro Pods (V2):

The OXVA Xlim Pro Pod is pretty similar to the V2 pod used in other Xlim kits, except for where you fill it up. When you look at the Xlim V3 and Xlim V2 pods side by side, the base is the same, with two magnets and two contact areas. There are also two airflow holes, so you can put the pod in either way. You'll find the pod's resistance and recommended power levels printed on the bottom.

XLIM Pro Vape Kit

Even though the pod is a bit dark, you can always see how much e-liquid is left – even when it's in the mod because the coil base lines up with the top of the mod.

The Xlim Pro Pod has that same comfy "Duck Bill" style mouthpiece, which is always nice to use.

To fill it up, you'll find the cover on the side of the pod. The first time might be a bit tricky – just lift up the bottom of the cover to reveal the fill port. You can also swing the cover out of the way. It might be a bit tricky to open if your nails are short, but it's way easier to close than the V2 pods, which sometimes leaked if you couldn't close the cover all the way.

The fill port is a good size at 5mm by 3mm, and I had no problems using small bottle nozzles to fill it up.

Build Quality and Features of XLIM Pro Device:

The OXVA Xlim Pro combines a resilient build with user-friendly features, making it a reliable and sturdy choice for vapers.

XLIM Pro Vape Kit
The Xlim Pro boasts a straightforward and robust design, crafted from sturdy zinc alloy material with exceptional build quality. Its tall and slim profile features curved edges, neatly enclosed within a robust metallic frame.

Button and Airflow Control:
- On the left side, the Xlim Pro hosts a multifunctional fire button, allowing users to power the device, fire the vape, adjust wattage, clear the puff counter, lock the interface, and customize RGB light settings.
- The right side houses the OXVA logo beneath an adjustable airflow control switch, featuring two small holes and one slightly larger hole.

Back and Bottom Design:
- The back of the device is clean and unadorned.
- On the bottom, you'll find the USB Type-C port, along with battery size and disposal information.

Front Display:
- The front showcases the OXVA logo and a compact screen, complemented by a strip of RGB lighting at the bottom. The RGB light signals the current battery level during charging and vaping.

Pod Placement and Fill Port:
- The top section accommodates the OXVA Xlim Pro pod inside the battery, with a conveniently located fill port. No need to remove the pod for refilling, distinguishing it from the original OXVA Xlim V2 pods with a side-fill port along the bottom.

Finish and Colour Options:
- The carbon fiber finish adds a touch of sophistication, though some users might prefer a broader selection of colours and finishes.
- The button placement, while slightly unconventional for the form factor, may not pose an issue for users who typically keep the interface locked.

- The pod kit exhibits exceptional durability, surviving unintended drops without a scratch, as reported through various clumsy falls.

In summary, the OXVA Xlim Pro combines a resilient build with user-friendly features, making it a reliable and sturdy choice for vapers.

OXVA Xlim Pro Performance Overview:

  • Excellent flavour from both 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm pods
  • Pod longevity: 5860 puffs (109 refills) for the 0.8ohm pod
  • Adjustable airflow from tight MTL to restricted DTL
  • No leaks observed, except for some issues after filling

Mod Performance:

  • Adjustable output for versatility
  • Clear OLED screen with visible information
  • Auto draw function and lockable fire button
  • Quick 35-minute charge time for a 1000mAh battery

Some Pros and Cons of the Device:

We have detected some of the pros and cons of this pro device


  • Stylish design and finish
  • Improved top-fill port
  • Exceptional flavour and pod longevity
  • Quick charging time
  • LED indicator and screen are user-friendly
  • Compatible with other Xlim devices and pods
  • Adjustable settings are well-matched with default values


  • Incorrect lanyard sent with one kit (sample issue)
  • Slightly heavier than previous models
  • Some pod wobbliness observed
  • Occasional leaking after filling.

Final Review Verdict: The OXVA Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit impresses with its style, flavour delivery, and enhanced features. While some minor issues like pod wobbliness and occasional leaks were noted, the overall performance, compatibility, and design make it a worthy addition to the Xlim collection.

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