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Riot Bar Edtn E-liquid Review

Riot Bar Edtn E-liquid Review

Riot is making waves in disposable-style nic salts with their latest offering: Riot BAR EDTN. With the bold tagline "SWEET AS F**K," Riot introduces a range of thrilling flavours in a refillable nic salt E-Liquid format, drawing inspiration from their popular Riot Bar disposable vape range.

The market has seen a surge in disposable vape E-Liquids following the immense success of the Bar Juice 5000 range, with even major players like Elf Bar joining the fray with their line of official E-Liquids.

Now, Riot steps up to the plate with Riot BAR EDITION salts, presenting a selection of 25 unique and eclectic flavours from their renowned Riot Bar disposable vape range. These e-liquids focus exclusively on nicotine salts, promising a more potent throat hit and superior nicotine delivery compared to their Hybrid Nic Salts.

Best Riot BAR EDTN Nic Salt Flavours Reviewed

In the world of Riot Squad, the flavours are fierce, the clouds are rebellious, and every puff is a riot of taste. Who needs a flavour passport when Riot's taking you on a flavour world tour?

Let's dive into our impressions of this exciting lineup!

1. Cherry Cola Flavour by Riot Bar EDTN:

Immerse yourself in a balanced mix of Koolada, Cherry, and Cola, impressively avoiding excessive sweetness.

Cherry Cola By Riot EDTNFirst up, Cherry Cola – the rebel without a cause, balancing Cherry, Cola, and a touch of Koolada. It's like a Cherry party in your mouth, and everyone's invited. Palate cleanser? More like palate ruler!

2. Cherry Fizz by Riot Bar EDTN:

Experience a fizzy Cherry delight with well-managed Koolada, providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation. The rich Cherries and face-quenching Sherbet make this flavour a delightful and daring collision.

Cherry Fizz by Riot EDTNCherry Fizz joins the party, bringing Sherbet to the Cherry bash. It's fizzy, it's daring, and it's like a party in your pod kit. Riot's not holding back – they're making flavours pop like New Year's Eve.

3. Mango Vanilla Ice Cream by Riot Bar EDTN:

Indulge in your favourite dessert with a smooth blend of Mango and the sweetness of velvety Vanilla pod. The delicate application of Mango and velvety Vanilla produces a unique and clean exhale, making it a distinct and enjoyable vape.

Mango Vanilla Ice Cream by Riot EDTN

Then there's Mango Vanilla Ice Cream – a dessert dream team. Smooth Mango meets velvety Vanilla, and they're dancing on your tongue. It's so good you'll forget it's not a cheat day.

4. Strawberry and Blueberry Ice by Riot Bar EDTN:

Strap in for a Strawberry and Blueberry medley bursting with fruity goodness and an ice-cold persona. The unique combination surprises with a more prominent Blueberry flavour, creating a relaxed and smooth vape with floral tones.

Strawberry and Blueberry Ice E-liquid by Riot Bar Salt EDTN

Strawberry and Blueberry Ice – the cool cats of the Riot Bar EDTN range. It's a medley that'll make your taste buds do the tango. Superb, fruity, and a touch of floral – Riot's playing matchmaker and it's a match made in vape heaven.

5. Peach Ice Tea by Riot Bar EDTN:

Quench your thirst with the irresistible, sweet, and ultra-delicious Peach Ice Tea vape. The smooth and not overly sweet Peach, combined with the refreshing Ice Tea, creates a perfect blend for a hot Summer day.

Peach Ice Tea E-liquid by Riot Bar EDTN

Peach Ice Tea – the thirst-quencher with attitude. It's sweet, it's irresistible, and it's like sipping cool vibes on a hot day. Riot's got you covered – who needs disposables when you've got Peach Ice Tea?

6. Watermelon Ice by Riot Bar EDTN:

Bring vacation vibes with an iconic frozen Watermelon, providing a sweetened mouth-watering experience. The Menthol infusion delivers a sharp and distinct flavour, making it one of the best E-liquids for hot Summer months.

Watermelon Ice by Riot bar Edtn

Watermelon Ice – the vacation vibes you've been craving. Frozen Watermelon meets Menthol, and it's like a tropical getaway in every puff. So cool; you'll need a winter jacket.

7. Mango, Peach, and Pineapple by Riot Bar EDTN:

Dive into a tasty tropical trio of magnificent Mango, perfect Peach, and pure Pineapple. The intense and vibrant blend creates a rollercoaster of fruity magic, making it a true masterpiece in terms of flavour.

Mango, Peach and Pineapple by Riot bar Edtn

Mango, peach, and Pineapple – the tropical trio you never knew you needed. It's like a fruity magic show in your tank. Abracadabra, and your taste buds are on a rollercoaster of flavour!

8. Pink Lemonade by Riot Bar EDTN:

Carefully created with a zesty Lemonade foundation and a fusion of summer berries, Pink Lemonade offers a truly mouth-watering flavour. The expert blending of Lemon, Strawberry sweetener, and Koolada ensures a refreshing and delightful vape anytime.

Pink Lemonade Flavour by Riot EDTN

Pink Lemonade – Riot's zesty, berry-infused creation. It's refreshing, it's mouth-watering, and it's like a flavour bomb went off in your tank. Lemonade stand, move over – Pink Lemonade's taking the spotlight.

9. Grape Ice by Riot Bar EDTN:

Experience a divine set of dark grapes supercooled to supply a thin layer of an ice sensation. The icy cool grape sensation is your go-to flavour, providing a unique and less overwhelming Grape vape.

Grape Ice by Riot EDTN

Grape Ice – a grape escape like no other. Dark grapes meet an icy sensation, and it's grape-licious. Riot's grape game is strong, and it's got the cool factor to match.

10. Guava Passionfruit & Pineapple by Riot Bar EDTN:

Dive into a tropical tornado of sweet Passionfruit, citrusy Pineapple, and exotic Guava flavours. The lively and tangy blend creates a top-notch tropical treat, resonating on the palate long after the vape.

Guava Passion Fruit and Pineapple by Riot bar EDTN

Guava Passionfruit & Pineapple – a tropical tornado in a bottle. Passionfruit, Pineapple, and Guava are throwing a flavour party. It's fruity, it's tangy, and Riot's the flavour DJ.

11. Blueberry Sour Raspberry by Riot Bar EDTN:

Brace yourself for a seriously sour and invigorating fruit fusion featuring fruity, bad, and tongue-tingling notes. The fusion of sweet and sour, along with the cooling properties of Koolada, creates a flavour profile equal to any disposable vape.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Flavour by Riot Bar EDTN

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – the rebels of the fruit fusion world. It's fruity, it's sour, and it's tongue-tingling. Riot's bringing the sour power, and your taste buds are the VIPs.

12. Pineapple Ice by Riot Bar EDTN:

Escape to the tropics with a refreshing exotic blast of sweet and tangy Pineapple, enhanced by a supercool icy sensation. The fantastic blend of Menthol and tangy Pineapple delivers a tropical blow with a sharp and distinct flavour.

Pineapple Ice – a tropical blast that's cooler than the other side of the pillow. Sweet Pineapple meets Menthol, and it's like a flavour vacation in every puff. Riot's making waves with this one.

13. Apple & Blackcurrant by Riot Bar EDTN:

Indulge in the irresistible taste of crisp, juicy Apples balanced with the bold, tart notes of ripe Blackcurrants. This standout flavour perfectly blends two popular fruits, showcasing Riot's excellence with a rich and unique taste.

Apple and Blackcurrant Flavour by Riot Bar EDTN

Apple & Blackcurrant – a fruity tango that'll make your taste buds dance. Crisp Apples meet bold Blackcurrants, and it's a match Riot-style. It's so good; you'll want an encore.

14. Lychee Watermelon by Riot Bar EDTN:

Experience new sensations with a sweet, aromatic Lychee flavour combined with juicy fresh Watermelon to quench your thirst. While the blend is complex, the ice-laden inhale is extended.

Lychee Watermelon by Riot Bar EDTN

Lychee Watermelon – a flavour duo that's a little bit wild, a little bit exotic. Lychee and Watermelon are taking your taste buds on a flavour adventure. Riot's got the passport to flavour town.



    The Riot Bar EDTN E-liquids deliver an experience akin to disposable vapes, offering a flavour intensity that surpasses expectations. Why do I assert this?

    The overall blending stands out, showcasing a superior mix, and the varying intensities of Koolada bring a welcomed change. The sweetness levels align well with the flavour profiles, enhancing the overall appeal.

    This range exhibits versatility and effectiveness beyond the typical disposable, maintaining key attributes. While authenticity in fruit flavours may be lacking, Riot Juice targets newer, casual vapers with this lineup.

    In terms of mainstream vaping, Riot provides ample choices. Kudos to them; we might witness more vape pens in action and fewer disposables scattered on street corners. Keep up the commendable work, Riot!

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