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Smok NFix Pro Kit Review

Smok NFix Pro Kit Review

The Smok NFix Pro Kit joins the decent lineup of devices in the NFix series, growing upon the victory of its ancestors, the NFix Pod Kit and NFix Mate. Well-known for their clarity, durability, and excellent performance, the NFix series has garnered a dedicated following among vapers aiming for reliability and quality.

Features of the Smok NFix Pro Kit

The Smok NFix Pro Kit presents the character of the NFix series along introducing multiple upgrades and enhancements. Designed to deliver a excellent vaping experience, the NFix Pro Kit merges user-friendly features with advanced technology, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced vapers also.

Battery Performance

At the heart of the NFix Pro Kit lies a powerful 700mAh battery, providing great power to sustain extended vaping sessions. With quick charging capacities via the USB Type C port, users can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their favourite e-liquids.

Variable Wattage Control

One of the standout features of the NFix Pro Kit is its varying wattage control, allowing users to adjust the output between 5 to 25 watts. This versatility allows vapers to customise their vaping experience to fit their preferences, whether they choose a modest, casual vape or a more extreme flavour and vapour production.

OLED Screen and Airflow Adjustment

Provided with a smart 0.69-inch OLED screen, the NFix Pro Kit keeps users informed of important vaping data and device status with ease. Additionally, including a drop airflow adjustment feature improves user control, allowing for even airflow customisation for a personalised vaping experience.

Refillable Pod Design

The refillable pod design of the NFix Pro Kit offers comfort and flexibility to vapers. With a capacity of up to 2ml of e-liquid, users can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for regular refills. The side fill port provides effortless refilling, while the compatibility with the LP1 range of coils provides optimal flavour and vapour production.

LP1 Coil Compatibility

The NFix Pro Kit is consistent with a range of LP1 coils, including meshed and dual-wire options. These coils are recognised for their exceptional performance, delivering rich flavour and satisfying vapour production with every puff. Whether vapers prefer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping style, the LP1 coils offer versatility to cater to different preferences.

Nine Colour Options

Available in nine stylish colour options, the NFix Pro Kit allows users to express their personal style and preferences. Whether they choose traditional black, bright silver, or deep blue, there's a colour option to suit every taste.

Design and Build Quality

Prepared with careful attention to detail, the NFix Pro Kit puffs a stable and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. The close and light construction makes it ideal for on-the-go vaping, while the high-quality materials provide long-lasting durability.

User-Friendly Operation

With its automatic interface and user-friendly features, the NFix Pro Kit is straightforward to operate, making it convenient for vapers of all experience levels. Whether you're a experienced vaper or new to the world of vaping, guiding the device is a current. Thanks to its simple and straightforward design.


When it comes to performance, the NFix Pro Kit excels in every part. From its strong battery life to its customisable wattage output and exceptional flavour production. Every feature is designed to enhance the vaping experience. Whether you're enjoying your favorite e-liquids at home or outside. The NFix Pro Kit delivers consistent and satisfying results every time.


In last, the Smok NFix Pro Kit represents the prime of vaping creation, blending advanced technology with user-friendly design to deliver an amazing experience. Whether you're an experienced vaper or new to vaping, the NFix Pro Kit offers everything you need to enjoy a satisfying and flavorful experience. With its creative design, advanced features, and excellent performance, the NFix Pro Kit will impress even the most wise vapers.

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