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Smok Nord 5 Pod Vape Kit Review

Smok Nord 5 Pod Vape Kit Review

The SMOK Nord 5 has finally hit the market, marking the latest addition to the popular Nord series. While closely resembling the Nord 4, the Nord 5 brings several improvements. One of the most noticeable changes out of the box is that the Nord 5 only includes one pod, designed to take a single type of coil. The kit has two coils: a 0.15ohm coil and a 0.23ohm coil, making it an ideal Direct Lung (DL) kit. If used at 20 watts, it could serve as a Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) kit. Overall, it’s an impressive piece of vaping technology. Let’s dive into the details of the SMOK Nord 5.


The Nord 5 is stylish in many colours to suit almost any vaper’s taste. It looks strikingly similar to the Nord 4 but with some critical aesthetic differences. Notably, the airflow disc on the Nord 4 has been replaced by a small switch for adjusting airflow, which gives the Nord 5 a sleeker appearance. The fire, screen, and power control buttons remain the same as on the Nord 4.

The Nord 5 features a striking ‘dart’ pattern on its coloured designs, which adds a bright look to the device. Additionally, there’s a leatherette design that exudes a professional vibe. The USB-C fast charge port is conveniently located at the bottom of the device, with airflow holes on both sides.


When it comes to performance, the Nord 5 excels. It boasts a 2000mAh internal battery and can fire between 5 and 80 watts, although no coil in the kit operates effectively as low as 5 watts. For testing, I used the 0.15ohm coil at 45 watts with Norse Vape’s Peach, Apricot, and Raspberry e-liquid, which I highly recommend. The flavour delivery was consistent, and the coils responded quickly. The device was quick and accessible through the fill hole on the side, covered by a rubber bung for leak prevention. A standout feature is the coil lock, which prevents the coil from dislodging if the pod is dropped—a much-needed improvement.

The only downside to this kit is the battery life. While 2000mAh is a respectable capacity, it didn’t last a full day at 45 watts. However, the USB-C fast charge function recharged the device in about 45 minutes, mitigating this issue.

Ease of Use

The Nord 5 is highly user-friendly. The push-fit coils lock into place with a clip on the bottom of the pod, ensuring they stay secure. The pod attaches to the device with strong magnets, providing a solid connection. Charging is simple and quick with the USB-C fast charge port. The improved airflow control makes adjusting the device to your preferred vaping style easy.


The SMOK Nord 5 is a fantastic addition to the Nord range, offering significant improvements over its predecessor. Its sleek design, enhanced performance features, and ease of use make it a top choice for DL and RDL vapers. Despite a minor drawback in battery life, the quick recharge capability ensures minimal downtime. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it comfortable to hold and use. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish vaping kit, the SMOK Nord 5 is worth considering.

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