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Smok R-KISS kit Review

Smok R-KISS kit Review

Delving deep into vaping, we explore the complexities of the Smok R-KISS kit—a mix of clarity and intricacy. With a focus on delivering a straightforward yet powerful vaping experience, this kit pairs the R-KISS mod with the TF Mini V2 tank. Let's venture on a detailed trip to find the nuances of its design, performance, and overall value offer.

Design and Build Quality:

The Smok R-KISS kit impresses when you hold it in your hand. Crafted with precision, the mod boasts a sturdy construction and refined finish. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the gold-plated, spring-mounted 510 connectors to the tactile side fire bar. Despite its compact size, the mod feels substantial and well-balanced, offering a comfortable grip for extended vaping sessions.

The TF Mini V2 tank complements the mod's sleek design and practical features. The sliding top-fill mechanism and a locking button ensure hassle-free refills without the risk of leaks. Threading and o-ring tolerances are spot on, providing a seamless user experience.

Hand Feel and Ergonomics:

One of the standout elements of the Smok R-KISS kit is its excellent ergonomics. The tight size of the mod makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping, while the ergonomic layout improves ease during use. Whether you keep it with your fingers or thumb, the tactile fire button and well-placed management provide a pleasing vaping experience. The centred 510 connector also allows for a level weight distribution, easing tiredness during extended use.

Menu Functionality and User Interface:

Simplicity is the hallmark of the Smok R-KISS kit, evident in its user-friendly interface. The mod features a minimalist TFT colour display that presents essential vaping information at a glance. Everything is clearly displayed for easy reference, from battery status to coil resistance. Navigation is intuitive, with no complex menus or settings to navigate.

To change the colour theme, users can simultaneously press the up and down buttons—a convenient feature for customization enthusiasts. While the mod lacks a dedicated locking function, firmware upgrades are readily available for added functionality and performance enhancements.

Performance Analysis - TF Mini V2 Tank:

The performance of the TF Mini V2 tank is a mixed bag, largely dependent on the coil used. With the Mini V2 A1 coil, users may share a lacklustre flavour and shorter coil life despite its high wattage power. Yet, the Mini V2 A2 coil offers a more balanced vaping experience, with improved flavour and coil longevity. Both coils sorrow from undue airflow, cutting the flavour and leading to a less satisfying vape. While the tank's design and build quality are respectable, its performance may leave some users liking more flavour power and coil longevity.

Performance Analysis - R-KISS Mod:

The R-KISS mod delivers impressive performance, living up to its promise of simplicity and reliability. With wattage control as its primary mode, the mod fires up quickly and consistently, providing a satisfying vape every time. The centred 510 connector ensures compatibility with a wide range of atomizers, while the compact size makes it ideal for everyday use.

Despite its tiny stature, the mod packs a punch, delivering ample power for cloud-chasing enthusiasts. While reaching the maximum 200W output couldn't be independently verified, its performance rivals more expensive devices, making it a compelling option for vapers of all experience levels.


  • Solid build quality and ergonomic design
  • Intuitive user interface with customizable color themes
  • Reliable performance and fast-firing speed
  • Compact size with dual-battery capacity
  • Convenient top-fill mechanism with locking button
  • Firmware upgradeability for future enhancements


  • Limited compatibility with larger atomizers due to size constraints
  • Absence of a dedicated screen/fire button lock function
  • The lack of a temperature control mode may disappoint some users
  • TF Mini V2 coils offer average flavour and coil longevity
  • Proprietary drip tip design limits customization options

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the Smok R-KISS kit offers a compelling combination of simplicity, performance, and design excellence. While the TF Mini V2 tank may fall short in flavour intensity and coil longevity, the R-KISS mod makes up for its reliable performance and user-friendly interface. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, this kit has something to offer, making it a worthy addition to any vaping arsenal.

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