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Switching from Smoking to Vaping.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping?

Every year, smoking claims nearly 100,000 lives and is the leading preventable cause of death, as highlighted by the NHS. However, there's a hopeful route for smokers looking to quit – vaping. Public Health England has endorsed vaping as 95% less harmful than smoking, yet many still aren't clear on the differences. Let's explore what it means to switching from smoking to vaping.

Switching from Smoking to Vaping

As you move from smoking to vaping, you'll uncover a multitude of advantages. This transition offers improved health, lowers risks, and provides you with better control on your journey to a tobacco-free lifestyle. However, its not easy to instantly leave your habit but the timeline of this process will definitly motivate your self-esteem.  

Advantages of Vaping Over Smoking:

In the UK, the health risks associated with smoking have increased, with the NHS emphasizing it as the leading cause of deaths in the country.

NHS supports vaping as a powerful tool to quit smoking. It helps you gradually break the smoking habit, easing the impact of nicotine withdrawal and instantly reducing health risks. This empowers you to steer your journey towards quitting it with greater control.

The Path to Quitting Smoking:

To secure youself from deadly diseases such as asthma, heart attacks, and other deadly illnesses We would recommend every smoker understand the power of 'Slow and Steady' since they always win the race. 

Quitting Smoking Timeline

Using sheer determination and abruptly quitting smoking without any support has a low chance of success. The path of breaking a long-standing habit is tough. Studies spanning 25 years have proved that only five individuals out of every 100 attempting to quit manage to stay smoke-free for more than six months. So yeah its a hard one.

The Power of Vaping:

Vaping is a game-changer in quitting smoking, boasting a 50% higher success rate compared to nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum. It allows ex-smokers to reduce their nicotine intake, making withdrawal symptoms milder. This helps manage issues like cravings, mood swings, and insomnia, making the switch smoother. Moreover, it helps smokers switch much more easily.

Taking back control:

Vaping puts you in the driver's seat. With nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg, you can personalize your nicotine intake based on your preferences and past smoking habits. A heavy smoker can start vaping with strong nicotine to match his cravings, then gradually decrease it. This flexibility adapts to your vaping style and lifestyle choices.

Transitioning: From Smoking to Vaping

Now, suppose you have stopped smoking but the need of nicotine and tobacco is affecting your mood, feelings, and focus in life. Then you found the world of vaping as an initial user. You want to switch from smoking to vaping but this switch prompts important questions "What happens When You Stop Smoking And Start Vaping?"

So what really happens when you stop smoking to start vaping? Moving from smoking to vaping is a significant change. Smoking-related health problems arise from tobacco, which vaping eliminates by avoiding harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar. E-liquids, unlike cigarettes, have only four main ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings, and nicotine. 

Adjusting to Changes:

While vaping is a healthier option, expect minor adjustments during the transition, such Coughing, throat infection, or nausea might occur as your body adapts, and you might experience headaches or throat irritation due to changing nicotine levels. These effects are temporary and manageable as you embrace vaping.

Embracing the Shift:

Vaping options cater to all levels of experience. Whether you choose beginner-friendly Cigalike Kits or more advanced setups, there's a vaping kit that suits you. Vaping is a successful way to quit smoking, promising fewer side effects and better chances of success.

Shop Vape Stores in UK:

Meet Golden Vape, a trusted independent e-cigarette brand originating from the UK. Our mission revolves around guiding ex-smokers toward a smoke-free life with top-quality products. In fact, we will help you explore our user-friendly Cig-alike devices, designed to make your journey smooth and satisfying.


Opting for vaping instead of smoking is a positive step towards better health. When you make this change, you're moving towards a choice that has fewer negative effects and increases your chances of quitting successfully. The journey towards a healthier you begins with the simple decision to switch to vaping.

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