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What are Big Puff Disposable Vapes?

What are Big Puff Disposable Vapes?


Big Puff Disposable Vapes have become popular, especially after the UK Government banned disposable vapes in January 2024. These innovative vapes offer up to 5,000 puffs per kit, thanks to their refillable and rechargeable design. They provide the same great nic salt e-liquid flavours from brands like Elf Bar and SKE. This article will help you understand these devices better and determine if they are the right choice for you.


Big Puff Disposable Vapes are refillable & rechargeable and offer up to 5,000 puffs. They feature a built-in battery and a refillable design or changeable prefilled pods. These TPD-compliant devices have nic salt e-liquid in 20mg strength and are perfect for beginners or those seeking a simple, compact vape kit. It's uncertain if they will be banned under the 2024 disposable vape ban.

Big Puff Vape Overview

Big Puff Vapes are disposable-style kits that offer 2,400 to 5,000 puffs. Unlike traditional disposables, they are refillable and rechargeable. Although similar technology was used in squonk mods, these are now compliant with TPD regulations introduced in 2016. These new designs include nic salt e-liquid in 20mg nicotine strength, similar to popular disposables like Lost Mary BM600, Elf Bar 600, and SKE Crystal Bar.

How Do Big Puff Vapes Work?

Big Puff Vapes work differently from traditional disposables. Instead of a single-use design with 2ml prefilled nic salt e-liquid, they hold a 10ml refill container or up to four pods, creating an 8ml, 10ml, or 12ml capacity, allowing up to 5,000 puffs.

Refillable Designs

Devices like Instafill and Instaflow allow you to draw e-liquid from a container into a 2ml pod by tilting the device or pressing a button. Once the container and pod are empty, you need to replace them.

Prefilled Pod Designs

Some vapes use four prefilled pods, each offering up to 600 puffs. When combined, they deliver up to 2,400 puffs. Devices like Sky Hunter Twist Slim have a twisting mechanism to exchange between flavours.

Can Big Puffs Be Vaped Directly Out of the Box?

To comply with TPD regulations, significant puff vape components are packaged separately. Before vaping, attach the prefilled pods or e-liquid containers to the device. This simple process only needs repeating when the e-liquid is vaped, after which you replace the device.

How Long Does a Big Puff Last?

Big Puff Vapes offer a range of designs and e-liquid capacities. Most provide at least 2,400 puffs, lasting about a week or two, depending on usage. For instance, if a 600-puff disposable lasts two days, a 2,400-puff vape should last around eight days.

How to Know If Your Vape Is Legal?

TPD-compliant big puff vapes have pods no larger than 2ml and nicotine strengths up to 20mg. They offer up to 5,000 puffs with a 10ml e-liquid container or separate prefilled pods. Devices with pods larger than 2ml are likely non-compliant.

How Safe Are Big Puff Vapes?

TPD-compliant big puff vapes are as safe as any other compliant vaping device. Use them responsibly, read product descriptions, and follow any included manuals or warnings. When used correctly, they are as safe as any other vape kit.

Who Are Big Puff Vapes Best For?

Big Puff Disposable Vapes are ideal for beginner vapers or those who prefer simple, no-fuss vape kits. They offer a straightforward design with easy refilling and recharging. Though their inclusion in the 2024 vaping bill is still being determined, they provide an excellent alternative to disposable vapes.

Benefits of Big Puff Vapes

  • Rechargeable: Built-in batteries, usually 500mAh to 650mAh, with USB type-C charging ports for quick recharges.
  • Refillable/Replaceable: Refill the device or change prefilled pods on the go.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly design with inhale activation and no complicated buttons or screens.
  • Cheaper: Affordable alternative to cigarettes, although long-term costs may add up.

Limitations of Big Puff Vapes

  • Disposable: Despite being rechargeable and refillable, the pod and coil are pre-built, requiring replacement once the coil burns out.
  • Fixed Airflow: Limited to a Mouth To Lung (MTL) inhale with no airflow adjustments.
  • Limited Flavors: Fewer flavour options compared to traditional nic salt e-liquids.
  • Higher Long-Term Costs: Although cheaper upfront, long-term costs may be higher than traditional pod kits.

Best Big Puff Vapes

Golden Vape Store stocks a wide range of TPD-compliant big puff vapes from brands like Elf Bar, Ske and Lost Mary, each offering unique benefits.

How to Dispose of Big Puff Disposables

Big Puff Disposables are single-use vapes. Recycle what you can, especially the battery. Check out guides to greener vaping or contact customer support for help reducing your carbon footprint.


Big Puff Vapes are a fantastic alternative to traditional disposables, offering a more environmentally friendly option. They are ideal for beginners but may be less cost-effective in the long term. Despite their benefits, it's still being determined if they will be included in the 2024 disposable vape ban. If you want a disposable vape alternative or are looking to start vaping, these innovative devices are worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are big puff vapes being banned?

    It is unknown if they will be banned. They differ from traditional disposables due to their existing refillability and rechargeability.
  • Which big puff lasts the most extended?

    The Elf Bar AF5000 shows up to 5,000 puffs, making it the longest-lasting.
  • Are extensive puff vapes legal?

    Yes, they are TPD-compliant and currently legal in the UK.
  • How are big puff vapes legal?

    They comply by offering separate components, keeping the pod size under 2ml and nicotine strength at 20mg.
  • How to spot an illegal vape?

    Look for pods larger than 2ml or nicotine strengths over 20mg.
  • Can I refill a big puff vape?

    Some are refillable, but the fixed coils may only last a while before burning out.
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