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Explore the comprehensive VUSE vape range, featuring the VUSE ePen 3 kit and a variety of flavorful VUSE refill pods. Formerly known as Vype in the UK, this renowned brand is now rebranded as Vuse, operated by British American Tobacco. Since 2013, they have been catering to the UK vaping market with their selection of closed system e-cigarettes and convenient refill cartridges.

Specifically designed to offer smokers an effortless vapor alternative to traditional cigarettes, the VUSE ePen was created with simplicity in mind, making the transition to vaping seamless. Highly recommended for both smokers and seasoned vapers seeking a user-friendly smoking-like experience, the VUSE e-cigarette range is here to satisfy your vaping needs. Embrace the quality and convenience that VUSE brings to the vaping world.

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