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20 x 10ml 88 Vape E liquids - Pack of 20

Brand: 88Vape
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  • Description

    88 Vape e-liquids are made in the UK and an extensive range of flavours are on offer, with everything from sweet fruit blends and cool menthol. To make the ranges more accessible to vapers of all experience levels.

    The 88 Vape e-liquid range is a specially designed vape juice that is suitable for any device. The smooth blend of ensures that this e-liquid delivers the right amount of flavour, vapour and throat hit all in equal measure.

    Available in 1mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg and 16mg nicotine strength, these e liquids have more than enough to satisfy heavy cravings, but not too much so that it overpowers. It really is a perfectly balanced vape juice.


    Arctic Cherry

    How do you re-create a soda flavour in an E-liquid? You can get the taste right, but no soda tastes right unless it?s ice cold and served in a glass filled with clinking ice cubes. The 88 Vape flavour mixers have cracked it

    Black Ice

    Black Ice is one of our newest and favourite flavour combinations; sweet and juicy blackcurrants by the mouthful, with a refreshing mint cooling to leave your tongue wanting another blast.

    Blue Raspberry Burst

    Don't worry about getting all slushie when you're thinking back to drinks from your childhood. This modern take on an old classic will leave your mouth and throat feeling refreshed as you enjoy a strong raspberry hit with an ice-cold menthol finish. 


    What better describes the perfect blackcurrant flavour than being ripe, sweet and juicy?


    Sweet and sticky, this 88 Vape E-Liquid has a sugary flavour that tastes just like proper fruit gum

    Cherry Sherbet

    Whether you were brought up on 80's sweets or not, you will just love the initial fizz that sits on your tongue before the full on assault on your tastebuds as the sweet cherry flavour kicks in to gear.

    Cola Ice

    This cola flavour has gone from the fridge to the freezer and takes on a new cooling menthol finish.

    Cocktail Ice

    Cocktail Ice is a sweet and refreshing mix of passion fruit and mango with an icy finish. It's sweet on your lips and your tongue and cool at the back of your throat.

    Cherry Cola

    We've turned up the sweetness on our classic cherry flavours and added an ice cold menthol to cool it all right down. The result is a cherry cola flavour so cool that you’ll almost see the condensation on your glass!

    Fruit Twist

    Blending a secret combination of fruity flavours, this vase is rich, juicy and oh-so-fruity! In fact, it's so fruity that we're amazed it doesn't count as one of your five-a-day.

    Fresh Blueberry

    Bursting with flavour, this blueberry E-liquid by 88 Vape is guaranteed to be a favourite.

    Frosted Fruits

    A blend of secret combination fruity flavours - a rich, juicy, fruit flavoured E-liquid from 88 Vape.


    A fusion of Mixed Grape sweetness and freshness with a hint of Aniseed and a blast of Menthol. You simply have to try it to believe it.


    A new menthol flavour by 88 Vape with a peppermint kick.

    Menthol Chill

    A refreshing E-Liquid with a perfect combination of mint / menthol flavours from 88 Vape.


    Smooth, woody and smoky, this 88 Vape E-liquid is one of the most authentic flavours on the market.

    Mixed Berries

    Mixed Berries is a delightful little fruit flavour, topped of with a hint of cooling mint.

    Morello Cherry

    A fresh, fruity cherry flavoured E-Liquid from 88 Vape that leaves you with a lingering delicious cherry aftertaste with just a hint of sour fruit to cut through the sweetness.

    Sweet Strawberry

    Strawberry is one of the world's favourite flavours, and this Sweet Strawberry E-liquid by 88 Vape is the perfect blend.

    Red Cola

    Somewhere between a cola bottle sweet and a cold can of the real thing, this 88 Vape E-liquid is perfect for any cola lover.

    Raspberry Ripple

    The flavour of British summertime, this vanilla and raspberry flavoured E-liquid by 88 Vape is a true classic.

    Rhubarb & Custard

    Modelled on the multi-coloured hard candy, this 88 Vape E-liquid delivers a tangy rhubarb hit before settling everything down with a smooth creamy custard finish.

    Peach Dream

    Peach Dream combines everything you love about one of Britain's favourite desserts - and more!

    Imagine chunks of the softest and juiciest peach covered in the perfect amount of cream. A squeeze of guava and a twist of melon takes this delicious peaches and cream to a new dimension.

    Rainbow Burst

    Rainbow Burst is mix of sweet fruit candy flavours which will leave you bowled over. Every mouthful of this eliquid's vapour is like a sweet explosion of juicy fruit and candy flavours.

    Lemon Sherbet

    This candy flavour is a firm favourite of everyone here at 88Vape and it's beginning to gain a reputation among top vape juice reviewers.

    This mouth-watering lemon flavour is perfectly sweet and includes a little fizz from the sherbet itself. If you like lemon sherbet sweets, then this flavour is exactly what it says on the bottle.

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