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Aqua Vape 10ml E-Liquid - Pack Of 10

Brand: Aqua Vape
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  • Description

    10 x 10ml Hangsen E Liquid E Juice Vape Juice 


    Berry Menthol - Berry menthol E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a perfect flavour for vapours who are fond of menthol finish. This sweet and sour flavour is a berrylicious treat topped with a chilling menthol. The fusion of berry goodness and cooling menthol leaves a tantalising effect in your mouth.

    Black Ice - Black ice E-liquid by Aqua Vape is a chart-topper, it couples cool menthol with icy undertones. Black ice features a delicious mix of flavours including liquorice, aromatic aniseed and refreshing menthol that leaves an icy-cool effect in your mouth.  This flavour will uplift your senses with its unbelievably energizing taste. 

    Black Jack - Black Jack is a classic taste of sweet liquorice and aniseed combined to give the vaper a great tasting e liquid.

    Blackcurrant - Blackcurrant E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a must-have for berry lovers. This flavour is one of the summer favourites because of its fruity freshness. Enjoy a deep berry burst followed by a sweet aroma for endless delight. Brace yourself for a mouth-watering vaping experience with this blackcurrant flavoured e-liquid.

    Blackcurrant Lemonade - Blackcurrant lemonade E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a fusion of tangy citrus lemonade and the fruitiness of blackcurrants. A unique combination that will trigger your taste buds with its refreshing taste. This flavour offers a strong menthol effect with a fruity goodness finish. Inhale the rich blackcurrant flavour and exhale the refreshing menthol lemonade.

    Blueberry - Blueberry E-Liquid by Aqua Vape gives berry lovers an opportunity to enjoy the flavour of juicy blueberries anytime anywhere. This is a flavour that is perfected to ensure that you get to taste the goodness of real berries in a vape. The delicious fruitiness of this E-Liquid is sure to please!

    Blueberry Tart - Blueberry Tart 50VG/ 50PG by Aqua Vape is a full-bodied E-Liquid with a slightly tart and sweet flavour that will please your taste buds.

    This flavour has a sugary finish that will leave a fresh fruity rush of flavour in your mouth every time you exhale it.
    A must try vape liquid flavour for all the berry lovers out there.

    Candy Apple - Candy Apple E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a sweet treat for any sweet tooth.  With this flavour, you will experience great sweetness in every puff. A mouth-watering flavour that will make your taste buds go frenzy with a sweet candy flavour and undertones of fruity apple.

    Cherry Menthol - Cherry Menthol E-Liquid by Aqua Vape will amaze you with its sweet cherry taste and a hint of cooling menthol. You can enjoy a delicious cherry vape followed by a refreshing touch of menthol all day long. A perfect everyday vape that will leave you energized.

    Coffee Grind - Coffee grind E-liquid flavour offers you a balanced combination of coffee and nicotine so you can take them in one go. Our coffee grind vape juice blends the enticing flavour of coffee with the rich aroma of raw coffee beans to tantalise your senses and give you a fresh start every morning.

    Cola Fizz - Cola Fizz E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is inspired by your favourite summers ice-cold cola. Enhance your vaping experience with this unique flavour that will leave you feeling as if you are drinking an actual soda.  A flavour that will excite your taste buds with its bright fizzy taste.

    Double Bubble - Double Bubble E-Liquid by Aqua Vape delivers an extra juicy taste of bubble gum so you can enjoy a long-lasting sweet flavourful vape. With every puff, you will feel as if you have just popped a juicy bubble gum in your mouth. A flavour that you will never get tired of.

    Fruit Menthol - Fruit Menthol E-Liquid by Aqua Vape offers a mix of your favourite fruits with cool undertones. This unique blend will deliver a blast of cooling menthol and fruity goodness in every puff. A delicious flavour that will leave an exceptional fruity flavour in your mouth rounded off with a buzz of cooling menthol.

    Fruit Mix - Fruit Mix E-Liquid by Aqua Vape will excite your taste buds with the fruity pleasure of summer fruit salad.  It offers the pure taste of tropical fruits blended together to satisfy your fruit cravings. Enjoy a quality E smoke all day long with this sensational flavour.

    Ice Mint - Ice Mint E-Liquid by Aqua Vape supplies an uplifting flavour of incredibly fresh and minty menthol. Enjoy a chilly everyday vape that will keep you cool through any situation. A flavour that will leave a chilly blast in your mouth with every puff.  It’s a must-have e juice for an energetic start to your day.

    Lemon Sherbet - Lemon Sherbert E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a tangy and sweet e juice that will thrill your taste buds. Feel a burst of perfectly ripe lemons with sherbet notes each time you inhale you will go into frenzy followed by a sweet and tangy aftertaste for an everlasting delight.

    Lemon Tart - Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a lemon dessert pudding inspired e juice that will make your mouth water. Enjoy a rich flavour of zesty lemon with a sweet base finish. This e juice is exactly what you need to satisfy your dessert cravings with a bit of tartness.

    Mango Exotic - Mango Exotic E-Liquid by Aqua Vape offers the real taste of freshly picked mangoes. Enjoy the tropical flavour of mangoes preserved in a bottle. A flavour that will please all the mango lovers. This vape juice will give you vaping pleasure with its relaxing taste of exotic mangoes.

    Parma Purple - Parma Purple E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a spot-on flavour that delivers the original taste of your childhood favourite parma violet sweets. Inspired by the classic sweet this e juice is second to none and will most likely become your favourite everyday vape liquid within seconds.

    Pear Drips - Pear Drips E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a rejoice for passionate fans of pear. This mellow, sweet, flavoursome e juice is ideal for all day long vape. A perfect fruit flavoured E-Liquid that will uplift your taste buds with every puff. Grab pear drips e juice for a refreshing all day long vape.

    Pink Lemonade - Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Aqua Vape offers you both sweet and sour flavours of traditional pink lemonade summer drink. Puff on the zesty all day long vape juice that offers you the sweetness of freshly picked cranberries and tangy notes of lemon for a mouth-watering vaping experience.

    Raspberry - Raspberry E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is so realistic that you will feel like you are eating real raspberries. This tangy and delicious e juice flavour is a must-have if you love fruity flavours. A juicy delight with a burst of raspberries that you can vape throughout the day.

    Raspberry Menthol - Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is vaping heaven for fruit lovers who like a hint of cooling menthol. Indulge yourself in a tangy taste of real raspberries with a cool finish of icy menthol for a perfect vaping experience.  A fantastic flavour for revitalizing your senses throughout the day.

    Strawberry - Strawberry Delight E-Liquid by Aqua Vape will leave you overwhelmed with the rich flavour of strawberries and hints of light pastry cream making it a perfect flavour for everyday vaping. This vape juice tastes exactly like a strawberry dessert that is why it is one of the most popular vape juices flavours.

    Sweet Cherry - Sweet Cherry E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a unique flavour profile that offers a combination of green and red cherries for a perfect all day vape. This flavour is a supreme choice for the ones who are fond of sweet cherries. Grab this delicious E-Liquid flavour today.

    Traditional Tobacco - Traditional Tobacco E-Liquid by Aqua Vape offers the authentic taste of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This flavour replicates the true taste of tobacco that is why it is widely used by people who wish to switch from smoking to vaping. It has the classic taste of tobacco that you can enjoy in every puff.

    Wild Berry - Wild Berry E-Liquid by Aqua Vape is a tempting flavour that will leave your taste buds tantalized with a burst of juicy flavour. It is a mouth-watering blend of fresh strawberries, tart wild raspberries, tangy blackberries and ripe, juicy blueberries. It is a must-have flavour for berry lovers.


    3mg, 6mg. 12mg

    Pack of 10ml TPD

    In box 10 unit.

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