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Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Coils - 5 Pack

Brand: Aspire
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  • Description

    Aspire BVC Coils: Elevate your vaping experience with these versatile coils compatible with K1, K Lite, and various popular Aspire clearomizers, including CE5, CE5-S, ET, ET-S, Vivi Nova, Mini Nova, and Maxi. The bottom vertical coil design boasts an enhanced wick system using high-quality materials for improved efficiency.

    Key Features Aspire:

    • Compatibility:¬†Suitable for use with K1, K Lite, CE5, CE5-S, ET, ET-S, Vivi Nova, Mini Nova, and Maxi Aspire clearomizers, providing a versatile vaping solution.
    • Enhanced Wick System:¬†The advanced bottom vertical coil design features superior wicking technology using high-quality materials, delivering a purer taste and more pronounced flavour than older BDC coils.
    • Resistance:¬†With a resistance of 1.8 Ohm, these coils are designed to balance performance and optimal flavour production.
    • Pack Size:¬†Sold in convenient packs of five, ensuring you have an ample supply for continuous vaping enjoyment.

    Usage and Replacement Instructions:

    • First, remove the metal bottom cap from the tank to replace your Aspire atomizer.

    • Twist the atomizer head to detach it from the base.

    • Screw in the new BVC Coil, then reattach the base to seal the tank securely.

    Refilling Instructions:

    • For refilling your Aspire BVC tank, remove the metal base and hold the tank at an angle.

    • Fill with E-Liquid, ensuring it reaches just below the centre Air Tube.

    • Put the bottom cap back on and wait for five minutes to allow the wick to absorb enough liquid before resuming vaping.


    These coils are unsuitable for Aspire Nautilus, Nautilus 2, or Nautilus Mini. For Nautilus Coils, please refer to the specified product.

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