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Chocolate Caramel 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid By Zeus Juice

Brand: Zeus Juice
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  • Description

    Explore the delightful Chocolate Caramel juice from Zeus Juice‚ÄĒa tempting blend that combines rich chocolate with velvety caramel. This indulgent elixir promises a symphony of flavours in every sip.

    Key Features:

    • Decadent Fusion:¬†Experience a divine blend of rich chocolate and creamy caramel, taking your taste buds to new heights.


    • Lasting Flavor:¬†Enjoy a prolonged burst of flavour that consistently satisfies, ensuring a delightful treat with every sip.


    • Unique Bottle Design:¬†Zeus Juice takes pride in its easily recognizable bottle designs, adding a touch of individuality to the brand.


    • Secure Packaging:¬†The tamper-evident seal and childproof cap guarantee the product's integrity, providing peace of mind to consumers.


    • Easy Mixing and Refilling:¬†The user-friendly flip-top nozzle simplifies the process of mixing and refilling, enhancing overall convenience.


    • Environmentally Friendly:¬†Committed to sustainability, Zeus Juice uses recycled plastic for bottles and caps, contributing to eco-friendly practices.


    • Hygienic Production:¬†Crafted within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, ensuring a clean and controlled environment for production.


    • Quality Control:¬†Rigorous testing in a state-of-the-art quality control lab reflects the brand's dedication to delivering a superior product.


    • Traceability:¬†Consumers can trace the origin and journey of each bottle, reinforcing transparency and accountability.


    • Proudly British:¬†Crafted with pride in the United Kingdom, the Chocolate Caramel juice showcases British craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence.

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