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Debang 10ml E-Liquid - Pack Of 10

Brand: Debang
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  • Description

    10 x 10ml Hangsen E Liquid E Juice Vape Juice 


    Berry Menthol

    A colourful mix of berries complemented with a cool menthol kick; tones of sour and sweet reach every taste bud.

    Blue Breeze

    When it comes to iconic e-liquids, nothing is more famous than this. A series of ingredients including berries, aniseed and menthol combine to make probably the best interpretation of this well-known flavour.

    Blue Raspberry

    Like a bowl of ripe blue raspberries, this juice has a sweet but light flavour. Perfect as an all-day-vape.

    Ice Grape

    The juicy purple grape paired with a cool breeze of menthol provides a refreshingly fruity vape.

    Ice Mango

    A juicy, ripe mango flavour with a cool and refreshing breeze. The perfect flavour for a hot day!

    Ice Watermelon

    Mouthwatering, juicy watermelon bursting with a sweet flavour. Followed by cool menthol for the perfect balance of fruit and ice.

    Tobacco Menthol

    Perfect for the first time user trying to kick the menthol cigarette habit, this flavour has been relentlessly tested and tweaked to produce the most accurate menthol tobacco possible. Giving you the best chance to put down the cigarettes for good.

    Berry Blast

    A truly all-day-vape full of fresh Berry, this flavour is one perfect sweet-sour treat you should not give a miss.

    Black Ice

    The acidity of the fruit mixed with a fresh menthol blast has cemented Black Ice as a favourite of those looking for a satisfying all-day vape.

    Black Jack

    Black Jack is just like the traditional mixed fruit flavour, reminiscent of one of the most popular sweets in the UK.

    Blueberry Mist

    Blueberry Mist is just like the traditional fruit flavour. A decadently smooth flavour on inhaling and exhale.

    Cherry Menthol

    For all the fans who love Cherry Menthol flavour. Rich & smooth, whilst being highly refreshing at the same time.

    Double Menthol

    A super refreshing hit of double menthol opens up the airways and gives a nice, soothing exhale.

    Ice Mint

    Simply mint and ice, refreshing and cool. This perfectly balanced liquid is a real classic and a highly refreshing.


    This well-conceived flavour mix suits any situation, whether you’re blowing out the cobwebs from the night before, or walking through the fields on a cold winter morning.

    Pear Drops

    Pear drop is just like the traditional sweet with a hint of custard. Pear drops are one of the most popular sweets in the UK.

    Red Berry Burst

    All the Red Berry Burst fans who love berries flavour. A taste sensation with a combination of berries giving hit after hit of fruity flavour.

    Tutti Frutti

    A fresh relief from the daily grind, Tutti Frutti is smooth and flavoursome all day vape sure to keep fulfilled throughout the day.


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