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Elf Bar ELFA Pre-Filled E Liquid Pods - Nic Salt 2ml 20mg

Brand: Elf Bar
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  • Description

    Explore Elf Bar ELFA Prefilled Vape Pods, specially designed for the Elf Bar Elfa Vape kit. Each pod is preloaded with 2ml of delicious 20mg Nicotine Salt E-liquid. These pods are non-refillable, ensuring a hassle-free experience; just replace the pod when it's empty.

    Created by the fantastic Elf Bar team, these pods are exclusively compatible with the ELFA Pod Kit, known for its fantastic range of flavors. Plus, the ELFA Prefilled pods feature innovative mesh coils for authentic, high-quality taste and rich vapor.

    Choose from a mouthwatering selection of ELFA Pod flavours:

    -APPLE PEACH: Enjoy a fruity and sweet blend of ripe apple and juicy peach.

    -BANANA: Savor the slightly sweet taste of ripened bananas.

    -BLUEBERRY COTTON CANDY: Indulge in the delicious combination of sweet blueberries and cotton candy.

    -BLUEBERRY SOUR RASPBERRY: Experience the sweet and sour mix of berries for a delightful vape.

    -BLUE RAZZ LEMONADE: Delight in a well-rounded vape with sweet, fruity, and zesty notes.

    -COLA: Get the familiar taste of sweet, fizzy cola with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

    -ELFBULL: Enjoy the unique blend of an energy drink and mixed berries with a refreshing icy twist.

    -KIWI PASSION FRUIT GUAVA: Dive into tropical flavors with a balance of sweetness and kiwi tang.

    -STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: Relish the flavor of fresh strawberries with just the right amount of sweetness.

    -STRAWBERRY KIWI: Experience the perfect combination of sweet strawberries and tart tropical kiwi.

    -WATERMELON: Refresh yourself with the juicy burst of watermelon flavor.

    Key Features:

    - 2 Pods Per Pack

    - 2ml E-liquid

    - 20mg Salt Nicotine

    - 50VG/50PG

    - Up To 600 Puffs Per Pod

    - Compatible With The Elfa Pod Kit

    Discover these delightful flavors and elevate your vaping experience with Elf Bar ELFA Prefilled Vape Pods.

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