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SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods

Brand: SMOK
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  • Description

    Introducing the Solus Replacement Pods pack! Inside, you'll uncover three empty pods, ready to elevate your vaping experience with the Smok Nord Pro pod kit. These pods seamlessly integrate with Smok's Nord Pro setup. However, do remember that you'll need to separately purchase the Smok Nord Replacement coils.

    Each of these replacement pods boasts a generous 2ml capacity, perfectly catering to your vaping preferences. The best part? You can effortlessly refill them without detaching them from your device. Just load them up from the side, and you're good to roll.

    One of the standout features of these Nord Pro replacement pods is their ingeniously designed leak-resistant feature. You'll connect the coils using a straightforward press-to-fit method, effectively putting an end to those pesky leak concerns. Say goodbye to those messy mishaps!

    Furthermore, these pods harmonize flawlessly with high PG vape juices, promising you the versatility to relish a comfortably cloudy exhale. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just embarking on your vaping journey, rest assured that these Solus Replacement Pods have got your back.

    In summary, the SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods come in a pack of three and are made for use with the Smok Nord Pro pod kit. They hold 2ml of e-liquid, are easy to refill from the side, and are designed to prevent leaks. These pods are ideal for use with high PG vape juices.

    SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods features:

    • Quantity: This package includes a set of three replacement pods (Note: coils are not included).

    • Compatibility: Nord pro pods have a specific design for seamless compatibility with the Smok Nord Pro pod kit.

    • Capacity: Each pod has a 2ml capacity, providing you with ample space for your e-liquid.
    • Convenient Refilling: You can easily refill these pods without the need to detach them from your device. It is done through a side port of you pod.

    • Leak-Resistant Design: The pods feature a press-to-fit coil connection method, effectively minimizing the risk of leaks.

    • High PG:  These pods are suitable for use with high PG vape juices, allowing you to enjoy a moderately cloudy exhale.

    Whats In the Box:

    3 x Smok Nord Pro Replacement Pods

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