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How Many Cigarettes in a Lost Mary Vape?

How Many Cigarettes in a Lost Mary Vape?

Are you a smoker contemplating the leap into the world of vaping? The burning question might be: How many cigarettes does a Lost Mary vape equate to? This comprehensive blog post addresses this crucial query and delves into the ins and outs of Lost Mary vapes to guide you through your transition.

What is a Lost Mary Vape?

For those unacquainted, a Lost Mary vape stands as a beacon of simplicity in the vaping realm. It's a disposable vaping device, pre-loaded with both e-liquid and nicotine. Tailored for smokers seeking a seamless and hassle-free shift to vaping, Lost Mary vapes have gained significant popularity.

How Many Cigarettes in a Lost Mary Vape?

Let's get to the heart: How many cigarettes does a Lost Mary vape replace? Typically housing around 2ml of e-liquid, a single Lost Mary vape delivers approximately 600 puffs. Translated into cigarette terms, you're looking at an equivalence of roughly 20 cigarettes.

Comparison with Other Vapes

Understanding the landscape is crucial, especially when it comes to vaping alternatives. The cigarette equivalence in vapes varies based on size and e-liquid strength. However, Lost Mary vapes, falling within the dimensions of other disposable vapes and containing a comparable amount of e-liquid, position themselves as a parallel choice in the vaping spectrum.

Reasons to Embrace the Lost Mary Vape

Why opt for a Lost Mary vape over other alternatives? The reasons are compelling. Firstly, it's the epitome of convenience – no dealing with refills or charging; enjoy and dispose of. Secondly, for those seeking an extra nicotine punch, Lost Mary vapes offer a diverse range of nicotine strengths, ensuring there's an option tailored just for you.


In your journey to switch from smoking to vaping, Lost Mary vapes emerge as a beacon of promise. They embody convenience, user-friendliness, and a spectrum of nicotine strengths. Is it the right fit for you? Take the plunge, try one out, and experience firsthand the seamless transition Lost Mary vapes offer. It's not just a device; it's your gateway to a new, satisfying vaping experience.

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