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How To Open an E-liquid Bottle?

How to Open Your Vape Juice Bottle: A Handy Guide

E-liquid bottles, designed with childproof caps, can pose a challenge when it comes to opening them. The child-safe mechanism involves an outer and inner cap, requiring a specific technique for access.

How To Open an E-liquid Bottle?

To open your e-liquid bottle, firmly grip it with one hand. Simultaneously, press down on the cap while twisting it anticlockwise. This may demand a bit more effort than expected, and you might need to repeat the push-and-twist motion a few times to successfully loosen the cap.

For those stubborn caps that won't budge, consider using a pair of pliers. Squeeze the base of the cap as you pull down and twist to overcome the resistance. Once opened, remove the plastic ring securing the bottle to the cap to prevent sticking in the future.

Broken E-liquid Bottle Hacks:

Dealing with a broken bottle? In rare cases, if the nib is problematic, you can replace it with one from an old bottle. Should your bottle suffer damage, consider transferring the contents to a spare bottle, which you can purchase inexpensively. Remember, safety first—avoid using sharp objects or teeth to open your e-liquid bottle.

For Shortfill E-liquids:

Shortfill bottles present a different challenge. While the caps unscrew similarly, removing the nib for nic shots requires some finesse. Special tools are available, or you can try using a flathead screwdriver, ensuring caution to avoid accidents.

If you encounter difficulties or have additional vaping questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We're here to assist you on your vaping journey."

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